Huge Bags In The City, your opinions wanted

  1. I have recently purchased a Louis Vuitton Carryall bag to be used as my main day-to-day bag as well as a travel bag.

    The photos of my bag can be found here:

    I normally put newspaper, a book, an agenda, and a 15" MacBook Pro laptop inside the bag. The size is still a little large but holds up a lot of stuff.

    All I wanted to hear from you guys is: is it okay to carry around such a big bag around the city? Does anyone use similarly sized bag as city/work bag?

    I've seen lots of huge Hermes Birkin, Mulberry Piccadilly and huge Bally bags in the city but I guess they're quite different from my LV Carryall, lol.

    For your information: I am a guy, and the bag has no shoulder strap - it's my first hand-held only one.
  2. I actually like the look of one big bag rather than two (or more) smaller bags. Alot of girls in the city carry a huge bag, I know in NY we need the bigger bags :smile: I LOVE your carryall!
  3. Looks great!
  4. It looks great on you!!! Good choice!
  5. It looks great!!
  6. I've seen guys carry a keepall in the city and it doesn't look too big.

    Moreover guys sometimes carry round sports bag with all their daily stuff - a keepall is a lot smarter :biggrin:
  7. It doesn't look big at all! Goodness..if that is big, then I should be buying smaller bags. It looks great on you! :okay:
  8. I've only seen men carry designer messenger bags IRL, but that looks great on you. You carry it well! I don't think it looks too big at all.
  9. You don´t need to worry about it, the bag really suit you and doesn´t seem too big at all! Enjoy!:tup:
  10. That looks great on you, and it doesn't seem too big at all!
  11. Looks great! I agree with Desirella--a lot of my bags are that big!
  12. Thank you all! Great to hear they're ppl with big bags out there!
  13. I think the size is Ok. Not too big at all :smile:
  14. I think it looks great on you! Definitely not too big, and a really smart choice. I love it!
  15. Looks fab on you.....carry with confidence!