huge ass bee fob...

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  1. found this, not sure if it's real. 4 inches long, 6 including the clasp.

    thought maybe i'd take the chance as it would look amazing on my khaki carly.

    what do you guys think?

  2. hi yes im pretty sure its authentic i have seen this before
  3. Yeah...other have commented it looks like a fly. :huh:
  4. Yep, have it, using it on my current bag as we speak!
  5. what is it hanging on?
  6. Yes, I had this one, but brought it back because it was sooo big. There's also a frog that's similar.
  7. I like it!
  8. Thats cute I love stuff with bees. They remind me of my husband.
  9. I have one of these too!
  10. I have him - I call him Mr. Ugly
  11. I have the froggie! They also came out with a butterfly in this set of fobs.
  12. ^^ I haven't seen the butterfly! Anybody have a pic?
  13. :roflmfao: Lol!

    That is a BIG bee fob! I think it would look cool on your Carly- A statement piece :smile:
  14. I like it, too. I always wanted it for my bags that have gold/brass hardware, I just never got it. I think it's super cute!
  15. I have this one and a frog.I think they are very unique.Would like to see a butterfly.
    Does anybody have it?