hug me pics - black glossy!!!!!!!

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  1. WOW :heart:

    i am so in love with this bag. the leather is heavenly. it feels like silk and is the softest BE ever. the leather is smooth and suits the ripples in this bag.

    I love the three compartments. it feels so decadent to have 3 lots of pink silk in one bag.

    the black glossy is hard to photograph. the leather is pebbled but feels smooth. it does have a soft shine, but doesn't shimmer. i did some close up pics of the contrasting piece of leather.

    i hope i have captured the beauty of this bag. somehow i think i haven't! it has to be seen to be believed!!

    i am very, very glad i bought this. another classic that will last me years...i now anxiously await the pewter angel purse i chose to go with her :cloud9:
  2. love at first sight beautiful black glossy hug me. i promise to hug her forever!!!!





    My new black crash clutch me!!


    Together - to show the difference in leathers

  3. Wow, that is gorgeous! it looks very substantial in that leather..def a piece you will have forever, like you said! gorgeous a smooshy and soft. Wow. Nice bag:cloud9:
  4. wow is right! that's a knockout! the hm's rolled handles look so chewy -- and you're right, the abundant fuchsia lining is most indulgent. enjoy her and thanks for posting the pics. they really help gain a better idea of the nuances of the leather and how it compliments the shape of each be design! :tup:
  5. :woohoo::woohoo:pinkdiamond, Congrats luvvie on your Hug's gorgeous and well done on the Clutch me aswell!!! Enjoy your new additions to the MAX!! :heart:
  6. Gorgeous bags!!!
  7. :heart: both of them.
  8. Congrats... I love both...
    I thought the Hug Me would be less interesting than what it seems to be IRL... i really like black glossy now...
    Any chance of modeling pics?
  9. Ahhh. it's beautiful! That is one elegant bag. I love the 3 compartments and it looks very easy to get into & see the insides of all 3 sections. Does it puddle down or does it hold its shape pretty well, even without being completely stuffed? Any chance of taking side-view pics of the bag? Modeling pics would be great too!

    Can't wait to get mine!
  10. Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures. I really love the bag and I think it's going back on my wish list. God help my wallet.:sweatdrop: I'm pleasantly surprised that the pebbled leather looks so nice. I have never been a pebbled leather fan, but I must admit I really like it!

    Any chance of getting modeling pics? If not, maybe a friend or family member could help out? Sorry to ask, but I am dying to see this bag on someone!

    Congratulations on such a beautiful bag!:yahoo:
  11. Beautiful!
  12. What a beautiful bag! The Hug Me is one of my all time favorites, and I'm so happy for you (and a little bit jealous!):nuts: Any chance we could get a few modeling pics?

    Very excited for you!
  13. Wow! the bag looks absolutely stunning in your photos! I have to say, I am mighty tempted to follow in your footsteps : )
  14. Absolutely stunning bags! That Hug Me is just soooo adorable and the leather is yummy! You're going to love that Black Crash leather too!
  15. I've been dying to see what this bag looks like on someone (without too much stuffing)! I'm glad to hear that the leather is soft and smooshy - I have been debating on buying it but the feel of the leather matters a lot to me. What a gorgeous bag!