Hug Me in black glossy **PICS**

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  1. Thank you ladies :smile:

    The skin is very soft - the handles are very soft too - it's very comfy over the arm - opens wide up and the outher compartmens are usefull and it feels good to have messenger too.
  2. so beautiful, the silver hardware looks particularly chunky in these pics --- i love it! and it drapes well when hung messenger style -- is it comfortable worn cross body? i can't tell if there's a shoulder pad on the messenger strap.

    wondering how the black glossy will break in, and if it's supple and soft or if it's more rigid yet durable leather.
  3. Not yet, but it's a twinkle in my eye ...:P!
  4. I like the sound of that :drool:!!

    (I know this is a bit off-topic Cilifene, but is that something gorgeous and chocolatey in your avatar? My antennae are quivering ....!)
  5. Thanks :smile: there is no shoulder pad - yes the silver hw is chunky
  6.'s a chocolate cake :drool:
  7. I few more pics...sorry! :nuts:

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  8. The Hug Me style coupled with the black glossy leather just looks tdf!! Looks the perfect combination!:yes:

    Between these gorgeous pics and your chocolate cake avatar, I am approaching sensory overload on this thread!:nuts:
  9. clifene,

    Thank you for all these fantastic pictures! Just love them! The black glossy Hug Me is one of the classiest BE bags out there; I'm very excited for you and can't wait to hear about all your adventures with it. It looks beautiful on you!
  10. Cilifine - Thanks so much for the modeling pics. It looks fantastic on you. I swear we have the exact same taste. I want to hear a review on the WTM before I make my final decision on my new black bag. All of these bags are so fantastic it's going to be tough!

    Oh - love the bathroom too!:tup:
  11. Cilifene, thank you for all the pictures -- it's so much easier to get an idea of how the bag looks when you see real life modeling shots! You wear it well, and I am so lovin' that Hug Me! TejasMama is right, that is one classy bag!

  12. i totally agree. i want to see more pics of the black glossy and the wtm to decide if that's the match for me. i hope someone else out there is one step ahead of me and will share pics of their purchase. :tup:
  13. Thank you thank you thank you for posting modeling pics!! Now I have to decide if I should cave in and buy it....
  14. Thanks ladies ....the glossy leather really is georgeous :yes:
  15. How beautiful. Now I know it's the bag I want but I really need it in Black Crash. I can't order for another month or so, so I am hoping I can still get one. Your pics really helped me confirm my decision.