Hug Me in black glossy **PICS**

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  1. Here she is :smile: I'm around 5'4"

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  2. Just STUNNING!!!
  3. I have to say, that I wasn't a fan of the black glossy in the overnighter (such a much larger piece then the HM) but it does look really pretty here!

  4. THANK YOU for the modeling is SOOO PRETTY and I love the way it looks on you!! Congrats!!


    1. How does the leather feel??
    2. Is it comfortable with the strap??

    Ok...I am seriously thinking a BLACK GLOSSY for me in the Whisper to me MIDI! Now that photos are starting to pour in...I am loving the glossy. That is just such a pretty leather
  5. Fabulous!
  6. Hi Savvy! How are you?

    I hope your having a great summer!!! Looking forward to chatting with everyone here again, soon. We're going away again this week and I"ll be on the PF more once the kids are back in school.

    What handbags are you waiting for? I should be getting my chocolate hug me soon and I just ordered a dark grey glossy Make Me Smile after seeing such pretty pictures here!
  7. Beautiful! How are you enjoying it???

    I ordered the black crash, but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have gotten the glossy instead!

    Something tells me I'm going to love this bag.
  8. Hi Contessa!!!

    How are you?

    Sorry, I"m chatting so much on this thread. Okay, back to the handbag. Just gorgeous!!!!
  9. Hey LB..

    I have been good...a little tragedy happened last week to our friends so it has been tough latley. I haven't spoke of it but I have been really concentrating on her.

    I am on a wait list currently just for the MMS in Wine and I may order a WTM Midi in Black Glossy. I have 2 RM's coming soon..but that is it. I think all I have from BE is the Choco AP. Not much..been waiting for some photos to decide.

    I am going to post a photo next week of my BEAT UP SM Tan...I WORE HER! That is all though...have been busy with the Kiddies too! School here starts in 2 weeks and then I am up for some SERIOUS CHAT!
  10. Savvy, I"m so sorry to hear about your friend. Feel free to PM, anytime!

    As for the kids going back to school. I'll be in the same boat as you in a few weeks. I"ll definetely be back on the PF to help distract me from missing them!!!! I think several of us here will have more time, then we can spend!!!

    Until then, just enjoy the rest of the summer with me!!!:idea:
  11. Just gorgeous!!:drool: That black glossy leather is calling my name ...
  12. it finishes just there on me too. isnt the strap just the perfect length!!

    its so cool to see how it looks on someone else! i hope it looks this good on me!!!
  13. Hi CB!!! Yes, the black glossy really does look nice for this style. I don't blame you!
  14. Hi lovebags2! Indeed it does, and in the WTM as well!
  15. It also looks as though the black glossy will become a puddle of smooshiness in no time too!

    So CB.......did you buy it yet?????

    I SO need a glass of vino and I SO want to go home......