Hug Me in Action Questions!

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  1. Belen Echandia has a special place in my collection ,even though I only have one (Love me Midi in Choc Matte). It's been a while, and I am starting to look for the next style that may suit me. The more I lurk around the forum, the more I can imagine myself wearing them. The Hug Me is increasingly intriguing me, but I do have a few questions for those who have worn it before.

    I'm looking at the photos, and I love the way it drapes. However, I can't imagine how it looks on the shoulder with stuff. Does anyone of you wear it with the zippers constantly opened? I hate zipping up my bags, but it looks like it's must in order to wear this bag. It seems as if the content of the bag will spill over if the zippers are not closed. I hate the need to zip up my bags in order to wear it. Another question I have is: How organized can the content be in the bag? Would adding a handheld umbrella, a water bottle, a long wallet, or anything long, obstruct the way the bag drapes? Is it hard to find certain items due to the "hobo" nature of the bag?

    Sorry if any of this has already been discussed, and sorry for asking so many questions at once. I tried doing a search, and I couldn't find too much. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi,

    I hope I can help you.

    Yes, I definetely find myself using my zipper for my large HM 100% of the time. It's not the type of bag that I'd be comfortable wearing it open and I think it would look sloppy IMO.

    As for the drape. If I added a water bottle and long wallet it wouldn't effect whatsoever. I'm not certain however about the umbrella but my guess is that it wouldn't either.

    As for finding contents. Well, in "any" hobo I find that somewhat of an issue. My WTM midi is much easier to locate items then my HM. But, I use my HM exclusively now for "travel" days where I want a zipper for extra security that the wtm can't offer.

    Overall, I've found my large HM to be too cumbersome for an everyday bag but just lovely for a travel one.:smile:

    Good luck in your decision!
  3. Generally I agree with lovebags2..this is really not a bag to haul stuff with you. Books etc. are too squarish, and I can only take my usuall stuff plus a sweater with me or else it'll get out of shape.
  4. Thanks for the input, lovebags and bonniekir! It seems like this bag might not be a good candidate for me, because I hate it when I have to have certain items or am limited to things that I can carry. Hm, might be time to go hunting on for another BE.
  5. I do wear my open, but I wear it on the crook of my arm. I do carry an umbrella, a water bottle, a long wallet, or anything long and so far these items don't obstruct the way the bag drapes. F.Y.I. I have the small/regular. Good luck with your decision.
  6. I never zip my Hug Me and haven't had anything fall out yet. However, like jancedtif, this is strictly an arm-carried style for me.
  7. I have a large Hug Me, and sometimes wear it open and sometimes closed. I live in Chicago, though, so for security's sake I try to keep it zipped. I lug a lot with me, when I use it, though, and haven't had ANY problems, including gym stuff (shoes and clothes) as well as my "regular" arsenal of: large wallet, several angel purses, small umbrella, bulky sunglasses case, etc.
    It IS the large though, and I can carry it on my shoulder, and it works fine being zipped or not. I do think that it LOOKS better generally hand-carried or arm-carried.
  8. I have the medium and often wear it unzipped. I don't think that changes how it drapes. I also normally carry a clutch wallet, LV pochette (about 5 x 8 in) among other things and these don't really change the way the bag drapes either. I do find that if you stuff the bag completely then it does look different. However, I have yet to manage to do that as the bag holds a lot.