Huff ... Puff .... CUFF ~ Osmose

  1. The cuff that I have been waiting for has finally arrived. It was made to order. Silver Palladium Osmose Cuff (H calls its a bracelet) ...

    Someone of you may find this familiar. You can see it in the SS2007 Le Monde.



  2. Wow MrsS!! Very stylish!! It looks beautiful on you!
  3. Absolutely gorgeous MrsS!! Is it heavy by chance?
  4. That's MAJOR! Wear it in good health!
  5. It's beautiful, MrsS - Congratulations! I believe that I almost bought this style for my Mom (hoping to borrow it of course), but eventually settled on a link bracelet because she usually wears smaller pieces. Was it sized to fit your wrist?
  6. Thanks merika and orchids.

    orchids, no. That's the surprising part. It's cast hollow, and not solid. That's the best part.
  7. Thanks, MrsM. It comes in only one standard size. But to answer your question, no.

    The background to this, was that I saw it in the SS2007 Le Monde just when it was released and hurried to my store to ask about it. I was then informed that if I wanted it, I needed to place an order and for Paris to make it for me. Hence the made to order comment. And it has finally arrived!
  8. It's fabulous!!! Congratulations and enjoy in good health!!
  9. Oh, I can't remember now whether I tried the one on in my shop or not, but yours seems to fit so nicely, which is why I asked. And, how lovely that it was was made just for you,:smile:. It is such a nice piece and I do remember how it was hollow, which made it so lightweight and easy to enjoy! Congratulations Again.
  10. MrsS - very elegant. Love cuffs, and that is a spectacular look. Wear it in good health!
  11. MrsS, that is stunning. I remember seeing it in the book, but it is so much nicer to see it onn you!!!
    Congratulations, and thank you for sharing!!! It is really fab!!!

    I think that cuff might have special powers, like the CDC.
    Let us know if you feel them!!!
  12. Very cool looking!
  13. MrsS, what a gorgeous piece, it looks fabulous on you, congrats!
  14. That is a WOW piece! I absolutely love it MrsS. Enjoy in the best of health.
  15. mrss - how chic! love the simplicity yet elegant lines! sooo hermes!