Hudson vs. Trish

  1. anyone have an opinion? looks? functionality?
  2. I prefer the Hudson. :love: The look is so classy, it fits on the shoulder, it holds a ton and keeps things organized with its three compartments. I like the Trish but it doesn't seem as useable to me.
  3. I love love love the Hudson, I think it's one of the classiest bags every made. It would make such a sexie business/work bag. If you aren't looking for something that big then the Trish looks really good too. I don't think you can lose with either one.
  4. Another vote for Hudson! It is the best bag I have ever owned. It can hold practically anything and it still look chic
  5. i can't choose! i love both! i was enamored with the hudson first. i thought the size was more functional and the shape was versatile enough for me to wear it to work and on the weekends. i had the hudson then traded it in for the striping bowler (the bigger, the better, i say!) and now i would love a trish. imo it's the ultimate eye-catching dressy, but casual bag. i desperately want it in chilli. i've had so many daydreams about the awesome outfits i could wear with the trish. hey, work is slow and school hasn't started yet. i have a lot of time! :lol:
  6. HUDSON!!! the shape is just perfect.