Hudson size

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  1. I've been thinking about this bag nonstop since I tried it on at Nordstrom's yesterday. I'm thinking about getting it. Does anyone know if this ever came in different sizes? The sales person at Nordstrom's told me the bag I was carrying was from last season. I've seen the Hudson before and it seems to me that the bag I was holding was smaller than the ones I've seen other people carrying.
  2. I believe there's a smaller one called the Striping Zip Bowler and the Trish. They have that similar stripe design as the Hudson, but both are definately smaller.
  3. I looked at the price tag on the one I was carrying and it said the style was Hudson. It cost $1275.
  4. Also, does anyone know if Hudson is a shoulder bag? It looks too heavy to be a hand held bag.
  5. Maybe you saw others carrying the larger sized striping bowler? Hudson is a good sized bag, and the compartments can be very useful. If you're interested in Hudson, you should also check the Hudsons at the MJ boutique. They released another season of colors for spring that is exclusive to MJ stores, you may like one of those. The MJ boutique Hudson is also fully lined in leather, not with any canvas unlike the dept store Hudsons. I'm surprised that Nordstrom still has Hudson in stock, I thought they clearanced all the fall bags.

    I think on some girls it can be a shoulder bag, but not on me, which is why I've never considered it.
  6. i do sometimes put my hudson on my shoulder (it barely fits, but i have less-than-puny arms), but it's more for "relief pitching" when the bag gets too heavy for me to hand carry :smile:

    as to the size issue, yes there were several pieces in the striping line floating around last fall - but if the tag on the one you tried on says 'hudson,' then that's the one - only one size "hudson" was made.

    HTH :smile:
  7. I have the Hudson; it's gorgeous! It's just so heavy, but that has not stopped
    me from returning it. I am able to wear it on my shoulder, but I have to alternate between this and hand-carrying the bag.
  8. You should take some pictures and show off. :graucho: What color do you have?
  9. I have a bag from this line that I have never seen anyone else with... it's not the large Hudson, and it's not the trish... it's a hand carry satchel. It's about the same size as trish, maybe a bit smaller, but shaped more like the Hudson, only a lot smaller. Has anyone seen this one?

    My husband got it for me for Xmas because he knew I liked the striping bags. I asked the sales lady at BG what it was called, and she said "the satchel."

    I can post pics if anyone wants to see.
  10. ^ That's sounds adorable! Please post pics!!
  11. this sounds like the zip bowler to me - here's a pic of bakuhatsu's zip bowler for comparison:

  12. I wanna see!
  13. Yes, that's it! So it's called the zip bowler, then? :idea:

    Mine is brown with the cream stripe. I will post a pic, as soon as I take one! :heart:
  14. I got my Hudson today! It's the color of the bag posted above. She's so beautiful. And I can wear her on my shoulder.