Hudson ? - shoulder strap question...weight...

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  1. Hudson owners, do you find the shoulder strap (the outside one) falls off your shoulder a lot? Do you find the bag very heavy even without anything in it?
    Wanted to see what everyone thought...thanks :smile::jammin:

  2. The Hudson I have is fully leather lined so it is a bit heavy, but worth it ten times over!!!!

    I do not have shoulder strap problems if the bag when on my shoulder does not hang straight down, I always wear a tight bag more tucked under in the front so it is tiped up in the rear. Make sense? I love bags carried satchel style, didn't until last year and now....well I almost prefer them and always want to at least carry satchel style, shoulder fitting is a plus.

    Back to your question, Yes...the outside strap falls off if the bag is worn equal on the should, totally horizontal. :upsidedown:I seem to have confused myself.

    :love:Love my Hudson!
  3. yup, it's definitely a heavy one. but I've learned to ignore that for bags I love :lol:

    I haven't really noticed a strap issue. I mean sure, it slips, but pretty much all double-strapped bags do, doesn't seem to be a big problem for me.

    and I haven't used my hudson in months, you've officially reminded me to break it out tomorrow. :yes:
  4. yes, it's heavy. the handles will slip off your shoulder from time to time. none of this matters to me though as i love mine. well, i don't have the hudson anymore, but i do have the striping bowler.

    just a heads up for those still interested in getting a brand new one: about a month ago when the hudson craze was at its peak here, everyone kept saying how they bought the last hudson in the company and whatnot. there are actually two hudsons in the boutiques that i saw this weekend: a white one and a dark brown.
  5. Honestly, I don't think this bag is that heavy. I never would have even thought about its heaviness if everyone here wasn't mentioning it.

    Maybe I'm just used to heavier bags, I have a Zac Posen Aurora and it is hella heavy.

    The only time I have a problem with the straps is if I am wearing it over a jacket. If I wear it without a jacket I don't have the slipping problem.
  6. the bag is heavy....mine is only lined in the middle and the shoulder strap can be counted on to fall off the shoulder.....but hey if you love the hudson you'll deal with it....if you don't you'll sell's one of those bags you either love it or you hate it.....and i find the same things one person loves about it, is what another hates....i would go the the closest mj store and try it on before buying.....JMO
  7. i dont find my hudson (empty) to really be that heavy, but mine only has one leather lined compartment. when shes full, thats a different story - but thats with any bag. also, the shoulder straps do occasionally fall down.
  8. I don't know how all you guys can carry the Hudson on your shoulder -- it sits directly under my arm pit, and I HATE that. I'll never carry a bag on my shoulder that sits that high up -- don't mean to be disgusting, but I perspire way too much for that -- In addition, when the bag is full, it's much too wide to hang comfortably.

    Altho the bag is heavy (and it is when it's full - I found it heavier than my Stams), that wasn't the problem for me. I carried it one afternoon while shopping w/my granddaughter and it was just too much too handle. Becuz I couldn't carry it on my shoulder, it hung on my arm, which got a little tired after a while bcuz of the weight. But also, because of its size, it wasn't easy to manage Kaylee, the cart and try to shop at the same time -- Not to mention that I'm super careful with my bags in the car, and this was just too much to handle getting in and out of the car, esp when your hands are full. I was so paranoid that it would get banged up and knocked around, that I couldn't even enjoy carrying it -- It went back in its sleeper that night!
    sadly, the Hudson is going bye-bye tomorrow - :sad::crybaby::sad: As much as I love her -- and I do LOVE IT! - it's just not practical for me. I can't see spending $900 on a bag that's going to spend more time in the closet than on my arm. I'll keep my eyes open on ebay and maybe one will pop up for around $500 -- either that, or maybe I can find a Trish. I'm just very disappointed.

    I knew the boutique still had Hudsons -- Randy at the LA store had a Chestnut and Dark Brown sent in from another store for me when I was asking about a fully leather lined bag (they also had it in white) -- Maybe the dark brown got sent back to NY, or maybe there's still 2 left.

    p.s. I think the fully leather lined bags might actually be LIGHTER than the canvas ones - that canvas is pretty thick & heavy and I think it adds to the weight.
  9. While I can carry the Hudson on my shoulder, the outer strap definitely slips off at times. It is definitely a bulky bag but I still love it.

    And I agree with iluvmybags, the fully leather-lined ones are definitely lighter than the canvas.
  10. ^Interesting...I thought the fully leather lined ones would be heavier b/c it has more leather.
  11. ^Yeah, it was weird. When I got my fully leather-lined Hudson, it was lighter than my other one which was only leather-lined in the middle compartment. Not at all what I expected. But the canvas is really thick so that could be why...
  12. hi hudson owners, (i'm so happy to be one too and be able to chime in.) mine has the canvas lining and i think its heavy too, (but i'm also carrying so much stuff for the kids, all those pacifiers and sippys do add up :smile: the shoulder strap slips a little, but the same thing always happened with my stella. i've found placing heavier items such as my wallet & cosmetics bag in the zippered area i carry closer to my chest helps balance it alot.