Hudson question

  1. Does the Black Hudson have black patent stripes on black leather?
    Does the Chili Hudson have brown patent stripes on black leather?
    I just wanted to clarify that! Thanks!
  2. i think the black hudson has dark brown patent leather stripes on it. although i think the spring re-release might have had the black stripes. the chilli was dark brown with an army greenish stripe. i love love love the chilli!
  3. Any good pics of the chili?
  4. here's a stock photo of the chili hudson, but ive never seen this bag IRL (i wish i have :sad:) so i dunno whether the color in this pic is close to the real one or not... the pics look a little dark

  5. Soooo nice!!!!!!!
  6. I have this bag, and the color in the above pic is pretty true. Although, compared to my other striping bags, the Chili slouches more. In addition, it blushes at the corners. My Hudson doesn't do that.
  7. *most beautiful bag EVER*
  8. I loooove this bag!!
  9. Love the Hudson!! When I went to the MJ store in SF a few months ago, they had the black w/black stripes, black w/brown stripes, brown w/maroon stripes, and dark brown w/tan stripes.

    Today, I just came from MJ SF again and there was a Hudson in Chestnut. I asked the SA regarding the whole lining issue I had (bought the dark brown from the store but only the middle compartment is lined with leather). So we looked at the Chestnut one they had and only the middle compartment is lined with leather (other 2 compartments had the canvas lining). She said that the stores get their stock from the supplier and not any leftovers from the retailers or whatnot...oh well, I will put this worry to rest and just enjoy my Hudson...:love:
  10. ^^ post pictures? :smile:
  11. is this an arm bag?
  12. yes, definitely an arm bag. i hear it's a bit snug for some with a coat on. i'm petite and wear mine under my arm. it makes it a lot lighter and easier to carry.

    shoot, who got that chili hudson today? i really was hoping it was you lovekoobabags! :p
  13. I WISH! LOL............. That would have been amazing...but I like to have things authenticated first here...and lately I've been a little slow lololol
    It's truly gorgeous AND if it's meant to day it will be on my shoulder LOL
  14. does anyone have the hudson in military? any pics? pleaseeee share... icant seem to find a pic of it anywhere.. :sad: