Hudson owners please help!

  1. I am so confused! On Let-trade's website in the FIRST picture, I saw that his manhattan pm has koala buckles that are made out of two pieces of metal: a straight one that is attached to the leather and a rounded one which is the actual buckle that clips in. (the koala nose shaped part. :smile:) However, I was looking at pictures of a Hudson and the buckles are just one straight piece of metal! (it's the SECOND pic) Is it possible that Louis Vuitton uses two different types of buckles? Can someone who owns a Hudson pretty please check for me? Thanks so much in advance!!!
    buckle1.jpg buckle2.jpg
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  3. Hi,

    It's possible that for koala Lv makes different hardware.Some with one piece like in denim pleaty baggy and some in 2 pieces metal like in hudson and manhattan.
  4. Thanks for replying bagsnbags! Do you know which one your Hudson buckles have? Thanks so much!
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    2 pieces like let-trade..
  6. 2 pieces....
  7. I was wondering about the same some time ago because of this^^ pic from let-trade :P In my Hudson it's just one piece, like the 2nd pic. She was made in 2005 btw.
  8. In both pictures it is one piece of metal, however the picture on the left shows the buckle with two levels of the same piece of metal. If you were to look at those buckles from the side, you'd see that the portion attached to the bag is thinner, but not a separate piece. (see picture)
    This is because prior to November of 2005, the buckles were made differently. Comparing the photos in the OP, the first bag was made in Nov. 2005 or later. The photo on the right is of a bag that was made prior to that time.
    The design flaw didn't allow enough space for closure and the brass bar that holds the buckle in place would become unscrewed inside, and then fall off.
    This happened to me. So I had an older Hudson (Sept. 2005) and LV replaced it with a newer one, since they didn't have replacement buckles. My newer Hudson has a date code for January 06.

  9. Wow! Baglady! Thanks so much for your detailed response and photos too! I am completely thrilled!!! Well not about the fact that it falls off but that it actually exists! Thank you so much again for your time and effort!
  10. You're welcome.