Hudson owners - beware! (splitting handles)

  1. You know how the Hudson's handles are each sewn from two pieces of leather, connected in the middle? Here's a photo of what I mean (the red circle indicates the middle seam where the two handle halves are sewn together).


    Have you ever thought about how this is a terrible design flaw by Marc Jacobs? Well, I learned the hard way when I noticed the handle SPLITTING in half the other day; the threads were coming out of the middle seam and everything...:cursing: :crybaby:

    I took it to a great local repair shop (they do a lot of MJ work and the LA MJ store refers repairs to them). The woman at the counter clucked her tongue at the splitting handle, and told me that the store had already seen several Hudsons with the very same problem. I had thought they would be able to reinforce the two handle halves with extra stitching, but she said that merely stitching wouldn't last very long - so in order to reinforce it, they would actually have to sew a small piece of leather, dyed to match the Hudson, around the weak point in the handles. :push:

    I really don't know what Marc was thinking when he designed the Hudson with the handles seamed right down the middle, which is the greatest stress point. :shrugs: I mean, it would be bad enough if the Hudson were just a light bag...but it's a very heavy bag, designed to carry heavy things.

    I just hope it looks ok when it comes back from repairs! So worried...:crybaby:
  2. That's terrible!! :shocked: How long did you have your bag before that happened?
  3. Oh my gosh that's horrible!!! I'd call the MJ office and give them some feedback...

    i wonder if designers know these things when they design their pieces? i guess unless there's some technical person in their shop, they might just think it's ok being stitched together?

    and i think it's only the hudson with this handle pattern/design right?? Urgh!!
  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your bag. I love Hudsons and was just about to get one... See what the repair shop says - but if you're unhappy with it after they've fixed it, maybe the MJ boutique will be able to exchange the bag for a different style? Keep us posted!
  5. I had only owned the bag for about a month-and-a-half when I noticed the splitting.:crybaby: Granted, I got it for a bargain, but for $650 or so I expect a bag to be designed well and last!

    The Bloomie's where I bought it offered to send it out for repairs...but it came back unrepaired 3 weeks later. The handbag department manager then offered to reimburse me if I took it to get repaired somewhere else, or to replace the bag with another bag altogether. But I love my specific Hudson too much to bother with another bag. (It was really hard to find one exactly the right shade of dark brown!):sad:
  6. I have the small satchel version of this bag, but I've only worn it a handful of times. Reading this doesn't make me want to bust it out more often.:sad:

    Keep in mind that you can call MJ for repairs. If you call and get a service number, you can send your bag in and it should be repaired for free (I think.) I had a foot fall off of my venetia and theyn repaired it for free.

    Sorry to hear this happened to your bag. It's really disappointing.
  7. Sorry to hear that, that really sucks especially when it's a bag you love...
  8. Yea that happened to my Trish after about a week of carrying it nonstop. I took it back to my Nordies (where I bought it). They fixed it for me in less than a week.
  9. Sorry to hear this ladies.

    I've been wearing my hudson almost everyday since around thanksgiving and she is holding up pretty well... Here's to hoping that she'll stay that way.

    Good luck with you repairs!!
  10. Can you take yours in to Nordies and see if they'll fix it?
  11. I had already taken it back to Bloomie's (where I bought the bag), and they sent it out for repairs, saying it would take about a week. Then, three weeks and countless aggravated and unanswered phone calls later, the handbag manager called me back and told me that, for some curious reason, their bag repair guy simply sent my Hudson back, unrepaired. So the manager told me I was free to get my own repair service to fix the bag, and he would reimburse whatever it cost; or alternatively I could choose another bag.

    I went with Pasquale Shoe Repair in west LA because they had done good work for me for a bag I had needed redyed. I got the Hudson back today...and I'm pleased, but not totally satisfied. They reinforced the handle stitching and also glued a strap of very thin leather to cover the stitching, presumably to strengthen the bond. But the leather strap is darker than the rest of the handles - so I think I'll take it back tomorrow to see if they can redo the work with slightly lighter leather straps.

    (by the way - NEVER go to the Bloomie's in Century City. Its handbag department has consistently had the worst CS I've ever experienced in my life - rude, unresponsive, unknowledgeable, etc. etc.)

    I'll keep you all posted! Thanks for all your words of support. :heart::heart:
  12. That totally sucks! It also is sad that MJ wouldn't just take the bag back and have it repaired for you free of cost. That really is terrible customer service i agree.
  13. Great looking bag, I've been contemplating buying one since they come out, the looks still outweigh the flaw:yes: