Hudson or Stam?


Stam or Hudson

  1. Stam

  2. Hudsom

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So, ladies... what'll it be?

    The hudson is almost as popular as the stam now.

    Which do you perfer and in what color??
  2. Ha I vote for the HusdoM... hah.ooops. sorry about the misspell!
  3. I voted for Hudson, I like the stam on some people. It doesn't look good on me because it's a bit too big and I don't like the heavy chain.
    However, they're both great bags, you can't lose!
  4. Hudson for me. i couldn't get myself to like Stam, don't know why. Maybe i will in the future... *shrug* But the Hudson is a totally different story, that bag is flaming hot! :]:heart:

    Yeah...i'm biased cos i own one. :P
  5. I picked Hudson cause I already have Stam :P. I would love to get Hudson in Chili, though I'm pretty sure it's impossible now.
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