Hudson, Manhattan just like Marc Jacob collection...your thoughts?

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  1. I just realized that the Manhattan = Marc Jacobs Venetia, and Hudson = Marc Jacobs Sophia. Any thoughts??? The MJ bags are leather AND go on it makes it hard to justify buying the LV version. :sweatdrop:


  2. Lol I think that's actually the appeal for a lot of people..the fact that they don't go on sale. Also, many people know the staying power of LV and how it lasts, in terms of quality. People don't have lifelong experience with MJ bags as they do with LV so they stick with what they know will last.
  3. Yes definite similarities on those bags. LV is LV though and regardless that Marc bags go on sale I think people will be buying those LV bags. LV represents quality and like Rebecca said staying power so that appeals to me more than Marc´s line which is relatively new. I love Marc bags too.
  4. Yea I like how lv doesn't depreciate as much, but what I mean is if I buy an MJ bag now, it can be as low as $200-300 so it can't depreciate much more...but lv is much more expensive...It's all designed by the same it worth it?
    btw, the MJ bags come in other colors and gold hardware too. sigh...
  5. Well like I said, LV has the quality..if they didn't they wouldn't have been around since the late 1800's. MJ is fairly new to the purse industry, so it's kind of hard to determine how long that $300 bag will last. You can't really compare it to an LV bag right now since they haven't been around for decades. For example, I can vouch for LV's quality since I can still use my mom's old Speedy that she got in about 1989. People can't do that with MJ's stuff. Also, I think he might have done it because he does have his own purse line and wanted there to be different versions for a variety of budgets. I still prefer the LV though because I have a lot of experience with the company and the quality and if I know that spending the extra money will get me something that will last, I'll definitely do so.
  6. haha nola lvbabydoll, you two probably knew I was trying to rationalize an lv purchase. evil evil, you gals are great! :nuts:
  7. In this case...I actually like the MJ bags better :nuts: Especially in those colors!
  8. cola, if you'd enjoy using the Venetia as much as the Manhattan, you should probably go for the Venetia given the huge price difference. (i personally prefer the Manhattan, though, because i like the durable-but-posh LV canvas, the cowhide trim, and i'm a sucker for LV's long history as a trunk maker yada yada; also, i'd probably tire of the Venetia much quicker - while you can reasonably expect the Manhattan to be in style for much longer than the Venetia...)
  9. LOL maybe it's me, but I absolutely love love the hudson, but the Sophia does nothing for me. MJ is a talented man, but his MJ main handbag line (not marc by marc) hasn't appealed to me lately. :search:
  10. good points ladies...
    Also I wonder why LV lets him use the same design for both lines.
  11. my sister thought about the venetia bag vs the manhattan.. i told her it was the same design because it was the same designer! haha. she asked me which i would get, and i told her LV because the name and quality will outlive MJ himself. who knows where MJ's name will be other than to be affiliated with LV long after he's gone... but everyone will still know that LV is still a luxury brand. so she jumped the bandwagon and got a manhattan PM. :yes:
  12. on an unrelated note, frozen, your bunny is so cute and unique looking!:love:
  13. Also because of the colors, it looks less classic than the monogram. I like a lot of MJ designs, but I would still get the LV. =)
  14. the ones in LV are so much cuter and more grande :smile:
  15. :love::girlsigh: