Hudson is back for S/S 2007!!!

  1. I just heard from my SA (MJ boutique) -- Hudson is back for Spring/Summer 2007 in new colors!!! All the compartments are lined with burgundy leather!

    Black (dark chocolate brown striping)
    White (all white)
    Chestnut (black striping)
    Military with Rubino (burgundy striping) - dark brown
    Teal (all teal)

    Hudson is now available at MJ boutiques for $1275USD!!!
  2. The military/rubino sounds AMAZING. And with burgundy leather?
  3. baglover,

    do you know if there are any pics of the s/s 2007 hudsons? and if they are bringing back the zip bowler back? i wouldn't mind getting a bowler too!
  4. omg, you're kidding!!! dang it - i've been drooling over the hudson in black...what are you doing to me!?

    fortunately, i think the hudson is too distinctive to have 2 of the same....even in different colors :smile:
  5. I heard that Blondie (very popular & sold out at MJ boutiques) is coming back, I didn't know about Hudson until today. I will get more information (which bag is returning) and pictures for us asap.

    Fall/Winter 06's Tie (Blondie, Large Blondie) and Striping lines were big hits at MJ boutiques. They aren't listed in S/S 07 Look Book (released well in advance), they must be added toward production.
  6. Whoa! I'd like to see that teal! I already have a striping I don't think I'd get another striped one.
  7. A second chance for all those who missed out! I bet a lot of people are going to be excited for this news.
  8. A second chance indeed! This is so ironic, and weird, but today while I was walking my dog and daydreaming about handbags, I was thinking how great it would be it the Hudson line would be continued.....never imagining it could come in so many lucious colors!
  9. The white sounds amazing! Burgundy leather!!! Thanks for the info bag.lover, can't wait to see your pics!
  10. yyaaay! :yahoo:
  11. when do you think they will hit the stores?
  12. That's great news!! The teal & military sound intriguing!
  13. great news. I'm looking forward to teal or burgundy :smile:
  14. This is very good news. I have been looking for a Hudson and not being able to decide which color I would like. I am looking forward to pics.

  15. MJ boutiques just received the s/s 2007 hudsons. My SA will take pictures and send them to me (tomorrow), I will post as soon as I get them. I will ask about the other bags. =)