Hudson Hobo- in olive?

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  1. #1 Jun 27, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2012
    Good morning everyone! A quick question for you Hudson experts- did this line ever come in olive? I ask b/c I found a hobo for sale and the seller says it is in olive. From the pictures it looks to be olive (matches the color of my havana hobo in olive), but I thought the hudson line only came in vachetta, smoke blue, and a few in the rose color. Not in the greatest condition, per this picture- trying to decide if I *need* it (I have the same bag in the vachetta) :P
  2. No, it didn't come in olive (unless it was a sample). Maybe it's faded smoke blue? The lighting is really bad so it's hard to tell, but that would be my guess.
  3. Could it be fir? In Lulu's lookbook reference thread you can see other bags that were out at the same time like the Gaza came in fir:

    Do they have any pics where you can see something else in the shot for color reference? If not fir a badly faded black or blue woudl be my guess.
  4. I think Pae is right. I think it's a really faded smoke blue. When it gets a little dirty on top of fading it can look like it's an olive-y green.
  5. Interesting....thanks for the help. It's strange that the faded color looks so similar to my olive havana (down to the matching lining--she sent me a picture of the lining too). And I found a picture of HH fir leather- it looks similar too.

    She's asking $30 plus shipping. I'm thinking more and more that I don't need it and I might be sad about the condition once I receive it, even for the price. But, on the otherhand, if is actually made with the olive leather it would be so super smooshy (unlike the usual leather used on the hudson models). What do you all think?

    Additional pictures here, with the ad:

    PS- Thank you for the HH historical expertise :smile:
  6. Yikes. That bag is 2 different colors. I guess the blue is like some of the HH greys and can fade with wear. One big hint is to look at the color of the leather on the inside of the bag where it's much more blue - grey than the rest. On bags that are sun faded under flaps is a good place to check too. Also the edge sealant and zipper color shows the color change. The detail that would make me pass - even if I wanted a project bag is that the edge of the interior lining is discolored and slightly yellow. I'd wonder if its' from hand cream or some substance that may also be on the leather.
  7. Good, good eye MB! I hadn't even noticed that negative detail regarding the discoloration of the lining. It's so sad--like "when good bags go bad" or something. Though, I suppose it is a 2006 model so, if it was a daily driver handbag, it is too be expected.
  8. I actually have one of the hudson hobos in smoke blue, and with the yellow cast of the photo, that could definitely be the color (I don't recall the hudson line being made in anything other than Vachetta, Persian Rose (swoon), Smoke Blue, and Cocoa).