Hudson Gm Question about strap...

  1. I was just looking at eluxury at the Hudson GM and noticed that elux added a pic of a manequin with the hudson on its arm. Well the strap appears average length in the pic and not super long? Did they change the strap to shorter one?
  2. Hmm, good question....sorry I don't have an answer! :shrugs: Maybe try calling 866 (I know they're not too helpful sometimes)!
  3. Hmmm... I think the longer strap can be purchased seperately, while the shorter strap comes with the bag?
  4. I think that it's just the opposite--the longer comes with the bag, the shorter can be purchased.

    However, you can double the longer one over and it works just like the shorter one without the extra cost. And, doing it that way, your strap will patina at the same rate as the bag.