Hudson fever about accessories!?

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  1. so now that most of us have survived the hudson fever
    i am still wondering about wallets and/or cosmetic or zips to match the gorgeous hunks of hudsons

    what have you found to match?????
    i have this thing that i just want matching accessories to all the good bags...
    my behati nice tan has a zip clutch to match
    my posh super k chocolate has little pouchette
    stella for now has my nylon cosmetic


    TEAL...WITH BURGUNDY LEATHER LINING...what to put inside???

    MILITARY ...OLIVE with BURGUNDY LEATHER LINING....???? wallet? cosmetic???

    WHITE hudson...with burgundy leather lining also

    thanks! and it has to match either the outside or inside
  2. I don't match my accessories to my bags. If I did, I would make myself crazy trying to match. I admire all of you that change wallets. Matching accessories for a Hudson would be lovely, though. I love the Hudson leather.
  3. I don't do matchy, matchy! I say mix it all up!!
  4. I don't match my wallets/cosmetic bags to my bags either -- I have 3 ZCs & I use whatever one I'm in the mood for. If I know a certain color bag might be a better match (i.e. my teal ZC is perfect for my Topaz Stam), then I'll choose that one. if you want your wallet to match your bag, I suggest buying a "rainbow" of ZCs -- then you can choose the color that best matches
  5. least since the three hudsons all have the same color leather lining i would love to find the perfect match to that leather.....anyone know the name of it?
  6. I believe its Teal lining --
  7. ^ the spring 07 hudsons, which are the ones that gingarita owns, have burgundy leather lining.

    gingarita, not sure if the lining color had an official name, but have you tried looking into the merlot zc? that might match. also, there's a quilted teal zc out right now too. it might be greener than your teal hudson, but it's worth a shot. of course, there are always white zc's and accessories to match your white hudson.
  8. I would go crazy if I had to match! I just try to make my accessories and bags complement each other. As long as they don't totally clash, I'm happy ;)

    But great idea on just matching with the leather lining. If it's the burgundy lining like tad said, I think the merlot is a great color!! It's so gorgeous :love:

    Good luck!!
  9. tad you are so good to me! looking out for me...
    yes i need that burgundy color

    and i am the only COMPULSIVE OBSESSIVE NUT on the board who is insane about matching accessories...

    but the JOKE of it all is that i get all these matching things then it is too much trouble to change so i wear one set like forever til i absolutely haveee to change ......
    go figure...

    love being crazyyyyyy for bags!
  10. ok merlot....what is in it and where can i get it????? yayyyyy

    also my white hudson would be easy to match ...stark white leather....let me go look ...just love shopping on line
  11. ^I saw the merlot ZC at Bloomingdales. I haven't seen it anywhere else. Also, I believe there's a lace color ZC which would go well with your white Hudson.

    I :heart: shopping!