Hudson <3

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  1. guys, i have a question.

    on the hudson, are the buckle holes a perfect round circles like this "o" or are the holes like this "0"

    i'm trying to get one off of ebay but it's super hard!

    this like one: real?

  2. looks a bit off to me...anyone else?
  3. It looks fake to me. But, there is a special section with tons of experts who can better assist you. I am sure this thread will be moved for you! Sit tight.
  4. Why dont u post the link?
  5. Looks fake to me...
  6. But I know that this seller only sells authentic bags. So it must be real!
  7. It doesn't look right and seller's can make a mistake??:confused1:
  8. i asked him to take a pic of the lable and the heat stamp... we'll see how this goes.
  9. I think it looks off.
  10. can anyone authenticate this?
  11. It has to be real i think... my poupette, isn't it?
  12. That bag is fake!!! stay away I have this bag..
  13. can you post a pic of your bagsnbags so that i can compare?