Hubby returned home from Iraq & bought ........

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  1. oh my !

    i know alot of you dont like the natural legacy color,but i do because it looks like orange (favorite color).
    My hubby bought me a mandy & wrislet in natural.Yippy!

    we ordered it from a coach store.I dont know why the natural mandy is not available online but available at the coach store? someone please explain this ?

    cha cha
  2. glad hes home and post picts when it comes in!
  3. It might just not be on the website yet :smile: Natural isn't launched in stores yet.
  4. wow glad he's home am happy for you
  5. What a lovely hubby!
  6. Congratulations on having hubby back home....sounds like a sweety....My hubby would be like "coach who?"
  7. :yahoo: about your dh being home!! Is he home to stay or on leave? I am so happy for you!

    And the new goodies are fabulous, too. I can't wait to see them!
  8. So glad he's home! Post pics soon.
  9. ah! i like the natural! it doesn't have the tendency to scratch...i think that's why they launched it to replace the whiskey

    :yahoo: i'm so happy for you! the mandy is a gorgeous bag and you have a very very sweet husband!

    congrats on your new set! i hope to see pics of you modeling it soon! ;)
  10. YEAH for you!!!! I am so glad that your hubby is home safe, and that he supports your love of Coach! I love the leather smell!!! Can't wait to see pictures, as I haven't seen the Natural color yet! Sure it is beautiful!
  11. Funny! I LOVE the natural, HATE the whiskey!

    Now girl get off this forum and spend some time with your man! :graucho:
  12. ^^^^ LOL...your husband is so sweet and thankfully he is back safely. enjoy the wonderful additions to your collection and do post pics.
  13. CONGRATS!! and im happy your hubby is home and safe!
  14. So glad he's home. What a sweetie. Thinking about you after all he has been through (and you too). Have fun together.
  15. What a sweet guy! So glad he's home. What a great day for you!