Hubby of 7+ years. Need V-Day Gift

  1. So hubby & I kinda stopped celebrating holidays...figured we'd buy it ourselves if we wanted it. But this year for V-Day I feel like getting him something nice.
    He is 40 years old...we've been married for 7, together for almost 8.
    His interests:
    XBOX 360
    XBOX 360
    collects lighters (never uses them though)
    loves boxers (especially corny ones with the Simpsons and South park on them)
    likes chocolate (but is diabetic)
    loves his big screen TV
    likes movies
    watches Cops whenever it is on TV
    gambling (but I quit not something we really do anymore)
    is thinking of starting to collect gold bars

    His non-interests:
    -hates clothes as gifts (except boxers)
    -hates Louis Vuitton and everything designer
    -anything sports related (especially if it involves him having to participate in it)
    -cleaning/cooking/laundry (well typical guy LOL)

    Any ideas???
  2. There are some great ATV DVD's out.. and love coupons:heart::graucho:
  3. LOL Ama.....he really does like the ATV DVDs (he has a couple of older ones)
  4. I'm getting this (don't open if boss is looking over shoulder!) for Bart for Valentines day along with some Chocolates from his favorite Chocolate shop in Brussels (his home town), some boxer shorts (corny ones with hearts! lol) and a gift certificate to a really nice restaurant around here :smile:
  5. maybe you should get him a safe for the gold bars he's going to be collecting? ?? i mean you don't want to put them lying around the house right? *kidding*

    how about a DVD that you like as well so both of you can watch and funny boxers and something playful like bubble bath?
  6. He likes movies, so how about getting him a subscription to Netflix. It isn't romantic, but he will def. enjoy it. I guess you can put a romantic spin on it by ordering some "racy, romantic" DVDs to watch together on v-day!!!!
  7. I'd go with getting him an XBox 360 and a few games. He would never stop thanking you! :p
  8. last year, i went June Cleaver and got all dressed up with an apron and everything and cooked him steak and lobster. a lot of guys find something old school like that very sexy.
  9. AHAHAHA... priceless, Amanda. I love you.
  10. My grandmother is diabetic and loves chocolate. She really likes getting the Godiva sugar free chocolates from me & the DH. They're good even for a diabetic. While this might not be your main gift, just a few would make him happy I'm sure :biggrin:
  11. what about a subscription and device for satellite radio XM or Sirus? You could pay for a year in advance.
  12. you guys have a TIVO yet?? TIVO Rocks! He would love that- If he is semi-technical- there is this thing called a Sling-box- you can watch your TV on your cell phone- cool.
  13. One last thought- how about a dog?:yes: