Hubby needs training

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  1. My birthday is in August and I've been showing my hubby which bags I want, hoping he'll take the hint and get me at least one of them. Well, yesterday I decided to quiz him... he responded with "Carly Simon!" Ummm no, it's Carly Signature! :P

    Guess I better get to work on training him a little better! Any tips, ya'll? ;)
  2. Pictures from your latest catelog hung on the fridge. Good luck!
  3. "Carly Simon!" - Too funny! Sounds like something my DH would say.
  4. I think all the training in the world will not convince a guy to think that spending $400 dollars on a purse is a great idea ! I know my husband wouldn't. I just tell him that I want gift cards for any occasion that comes up and then I go to the outlet and get what I can afford or save them up for a purchase at the retail store.I know There are some men out there who will shower their women in luxury items. I am a SAHM right now so that isn't happening ! Good luck !
  5. LOL @ "Carly Simon"

    Leaving highlighted catalogs with sticky notes and emailing the wishlist from usually works.....
  6. Carly Simon?

    I have a catalog laying around and he'll look through it once in awhile or I'll ask him which he likes better. He's getting use to the idea...a little.
  7. Word association is a great start - means he's trying! Stickies on the catalog pages of the ones you like are a good suggestion. He can always take that catalog to the boutique and get the SAs to help him.
  8. I bought my husband a coach breast pocket wallet to get him interested.. he said he always thought coach was only for chicks, so now that he has something he likes, he has been getting a little more interested. I email him links to things I like for me, along with things I think he might like for himself.
  9. Well at least he responds! I mention Coach and by DH runs the other way...:P
  10. I wouldn't bother trying to train him to go shopping. Just tell him what you want for your birthday and go together. You get to pick out the bag that you want and he gets to be a hero and have the SA's tell him how great he is for buying you such a beautiful bag!
  11. lol love it!
    A friend of mine just got a carly sig and we call her 'carly simon' sometimes :smile:
    Of course we love carly simon and she has been known to sing "you're so vain" when tipsy at karaoke bars :P
  12. My DH really truly tried to remember which bag I wanted. The problem was he was looking for the large Carly in the outlet, LOL!
  13. Ditto on that!!! :rolleyes:

    I take the direct approach and pull up the pages on of what I want and leave them sitting on his computer. So far, this plan hasn't worked but I am still hopeful!
  14. Yes, mine covers his ears and says "don't speak, don't speak". Bonus for what movie that's from.