Hubby made me laugh.....

  1. I bought the Anna Corinna bronze city tote last week from Revolve on sale. I received the bag and hated it. Did not like the color and it was just very cheap looking to me.
    So hubby must have seen the bag before it was boxed up ready to send back.
    Today he tells me "I hope you are sending that ugly bag back". I reply what bag???
    He says that ugly huge bag that looks like something someone would carry in a circus. Now I don't quite get the circus thing????? But I had to laugh to think he actually notices my bags. He feels LV has the best quality bags that will last years. I guess he knows I have not destroyed them yet......I have had some over 20 years old but I am getting sick of monogram. Just had to share because I found his comment on the bag so funny.
  2. lol! not to offend any foley corinna fans, but i bought the mini city tote and felt the same way upon receiving it. i sent it back but i showed my bf first and he had the same reaction as your husband, "thank god you're sending that back, i would've been furious at you for keeping it. blech!" :smile:
  3. Gillianna- my SO says that about almost every bag I buy :lol: