Hubby MADE me buy this bag....

  1. Seriously. We were shopping today for him but ran into this really cute Charles David bag at Nordstrom.
    DH says, "Try it on!"
    I try it on.
    DH says, "Thats a cool bag. You should get it."
    Shoo runs to the cash register with the bag!
    The leather is super soft and it can be worn over the shoulder, across the body or of course handheld. Its really a great little black bag! And the least expensive bag I have purchased in a loooooong time! I'm hoping its not a blatant ripoff of another designer cause oh boy I know I'll hear about it in here but I personally have not seen another style exactly like this one. The tag is still on so if its a blatant copy - lemme know and I can still return it!

    charles david.jpg

    Charles David "Sara"
    $270 w/tax
  2. oooh I like it a lot! Good find shoo!
  3. thanks. I wish I knew how to supersize the photo....
  4. Congrats! It looks great!
  5. my DH just walked in and said, "do they like the bag?" I said, yeah, so far.
    Then he says, "even though its just an 'entry level' bag?"

    I almost fell out of my chair laughing!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. ^^ Thats so sweet!!!! Say hi to him from me...
  7. You're so lucky! My hubby would NEVER do that! He doesn't understand :sad:
  8. Yes, you're lucky!! My DH would never do that either. He'd roll his eyes and say, "Great, another bag!".
  9. Cute! I like the belt that wraps around it, and the leather looks so soft. And your husband is definitely a keeper, haha.
  10. Gotta luv your hubby for being a total enabler! :tup:

    That bag is great - I always see Charles David bags at NR, but none that look as nice, and never for good of a deal!
  11. Beautiful! That would look so hot with some boot cut jeans, black granny boots, a sleeveless red mock turtleneck and some gold hoop/oval earrings with hair swept behind the ears. Don't forget the red lipstick too! What do you think of that look? hee hee
  12. wow - please look at my showcase and you can be my stylist! (I gotta find a red mock turtleneck now....)
  13. That's a beautiful bag Shoo. Your hubby is Awesome. He has good taste:tup:
  14. Congratulations on choosing a great husband! (The bag is pretty nice too!)
  15. That's cute! I love how casual it looks and the leather looks so soft! Congrats!!