Hubby Lost Receipt

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  1. Good Morning my Purseforum Friends..

    Hubby went to Chanel on Tuesday night and got me some sunnies but am not loving how they look on me...

    I searched the bag and no receipt!!!! Hubby paid cash (Why do men lose receipts)

    Have any of you had this happen before???

    Has your SA still approved exchange?

    Hubby also got me a Chanel Key Holder that night and SA did include that receipt I texted my SA about it but he didn't reply!!!

    I have an excellent relationship with my SA and the store and hope the will except my exchange!!!
  2. I believe the SA would have typed into her system your hubby's contact info and would have gotten his signature on their receipt, as well as the serial number. As long as the bag is authentic and serial number matches, I would bet it should be okay, especially since you know the SA too.
  3. Its Sunglasses and it has all tags and box
  4. You and your husband should go there asap when the SA he purchased with is there.
    In general, yes, they require receipt for exchange or return. But if it is just a next day of purchase, why should they be so difficult to their customers?

    That would be my guess/hope! Good luck.

    BTW I would not tell them your husband lost receipt unless you know 100% sure. I would rather simply tell them that receipt was not with your sunglasses and ask for exchange or refund.
  5. Best to go back to your SA ASAP either way. I hope the exchange goes through!
  6. I just texted my SA again!! My husband is going there tonight on his way back home to pick up something I had on reserve. I hope it will be ok :confused1:
  7. Thank you i will post what happened soon