Hubby is really going to be jealous

  1. So my DH wasn't too sure what to make of me getting flowers from someone other than him when Kallison sent me some the other day (thanks again)...he is really going to be :confused1: now, :p ! These lilies came from my LV RAOK buddy today.

    I love it tho :yahoo: ! tPF Rocks!!

    My house smells so good now!

  2. awww, those are adorable!! Congrats!
  3. Gorgeous flowers, congrats!
  4. very pretty
  5. beautiful!!!
  6. hihi its only good to keep them on your toes hon !:graucho: beautiful flowers twinkle ! :yahoo:
  7. So beautiful!!!
  8. Mary, roses AND stargazer lilies!! People love you!:love:
  9. nice. Maybe he will send you some as well.
  10. AWW how lovely AND SWEET!!! They are beautiful!
  11. they're beautiful, very sweet gesture.
  12. Those flowers are pretty enough to make anyone jealous!
  13. The flowers are beautiful. Lovely gesture!
  14. LOL, so hubby got home from Hockey and it took him a few minutes to see the lilies, but then he went :wtf: ! Who sent you flowers??? I said my buddy....he said who sent you the other ones then, I thought that was your buddy, no just a friend :graucho: .

  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: i feel that is not the end of the interrogation ! keep us posted ! ;)