Hubby is going to Hermes in England tomorrow!

  1. Hi ladies,

    My hubby is in England for the week and I am sending him to Hermes on Bond Street? Or New Bond Street? Something like that.

    Well, after I saw Shoes319's tea cup, I HAVE to have one (not the horses, no offense)!! Also, he is going to pick me up a pocket square, and I told him to pick out a "lady" SA and be real nice and charming to her, and try to get me some info about the Paris-Bombay bag there!!!!

    Do you guys know if the prices in London are less than here in America? I'm wondering if the things will cost less because maybe if they have that PB or even that little mini evelyne....he may come home with a bigger box for me!!!!!!

    Thanks for the helping the "Hermes newbie" again!!
  2. Good Luck, Traci!!! I hope he comes home with a BIG orange box for you!!

    When I was there, the prices were certainly less expensive than Australia, but our Hermes is VERY $$, so that's not much help. All I know is, the exchange rate on the pound is pretty average, but you will receive the VAT that's one thing!

    Hermes in London is bog, but when I was there, there were bugger-all bags to be found.........mind you, I was pretty much just looking for Kellys.........LOL!
  3. Hermes in London is BIG....not BOG!!!! Typos........UGH!
  4. Thanks Kristie! I am having trouble figuring the exchange rate, I mean I have a converter to do that. But the way it's coming out, it's like 1 usd is equal to .53 BPS. So, that would actually mean that it would cost me almost twice as much as in US?? I'm confused. But, if the PRice of the bag is less in England then it wouldn't cost more, kwim??? Can anyone help with this??
  5. How exciting, Traci -- there is an Hermes Boutique on New Bond Street, one on Sloane Street, one inside Harrods, one other that I can't think of right this moment, and one at Heathrow Airport in case he runs out of time!! I love London for that (for other reasons, too .. but this is a good one!)!:heart:

    I don't know about the retail prices vs. US (haven't been for a while when I shopped Hermes), but he should make sure that he gets the forms for the VAT refund, and processes them at the airport before leaving - that can make a big difference. Even at the Boston store, the 5% sales tax takes a bite out!
  6. ^^ I was thinking that he wouldn't even bother to declare because you can take $800 worth of merchandise right, without declaring? Would it really be worth all that for like I think it would be around less than 20 bucks we'd get back.
  7. The VAT refund and the US Customs declaration are two different things. I wouldn't suggest that he try to bring something back into the US without declaring it. If he doesn't spend up to his $800 "allowance", he won't have to pay duty -- but that's to the US Treasury. VAT ("Value Added Tax") is like a sales tax that is paid at the time you make your purchase in the store. If you hold a foreign passport and will be traveling out of the country within a certain period of time (30 days, I think), you are entitled to claim a refund of the VAT and get it back at the airport before you get on your plane. You can also get it mailed to you by cheque (but it's in the currency of the country and you have to get your bank in the US to exchange, or credited back to your charge account. That's what can make the difference between what you pay over there and what you'd have to pay here -- because you'd have to pay the sales tax. In some offshore boutiques, the retail price is also a little less.
  8. I was in London recently - I didn't get a chance to price out the bags but in general for things like scarves, pocket squares, and accessories, the price is about equivalent after the exchange rate conversion, 2-3% charged by your cc and the VAT refund. You may save a little but it wasn't enough for me - I rather buy the items here and give the business to my local store. (I am a stickler for not wasting luggage room on buying things abroad unless it's a great deal or of sentimental value)

    Don't bother with Hermes in Harrod's, the selection was just so-so. The staff at Hermes New Bond Street were very friendly.

    HTH! :flowers:
  9. I love Hermes China--if you look in the member's items I posted several of my Toucans set.

  10. Okay, what???? I am so confused over this and he is supposed to be going tomorrow. So, lets just say that he spent 200 usd there, that would be 108 pounds, right? So how much would the actual total come to that would be charged? 12% added on to that, which then he would get back at the airport?? 12% of pounds or usd?

    And, so if he doesn't spend 800 then he doesn't have to pay, but should declare it anyway, and then the Vat tax is something you have to pay no matter what if your leaving within 30 days? Is this right what I'm saying? Thanks so much for the help!!!

    Also if they give you the vat back at the airport is it London airport or america? Would there be any problem to change the money at a bank then? They do that don't they?
  11. Ahhh - I was thinking of Sloane st...but Bond is good too!!!

    try this:

    I LIVE on this site - hee, hee!!!!!!
  12. I don't think they "add on" tax in the UK, like you do in the's already included in the price, but you can claim it back, being a passport holder and leaving the country.

    The "duty" is the tax charged in the US (and everywhere else!) when you come back into your country....but if it's less than $800, you won't be chaged duty when you arrive back in.
  13. tr444 and anyone else...for up to the minute conversion rates:
  14. Thank you KB- I needed that website! Very helpful!
  15. Therefore, in your example, he would be charged 108 pounds (if he spent $200USD), and be eligable to claim 12% of that back as VAT.

    If he spends more than $800USD, he will probably be charged duty when he arrives back in the States.

    (Gosh, I hope I have that correct!).