Hubby hinted that a purse might be coming for Mother's Day, so what one ???

  1. My sweet hubby hinted that a purse might be coming for Mother's Day. The only problem is there are none that I am lusting for right now. What is wrong with me???

    He got me the Legacy Shoulder strap in whiskey for our Anniversary. I use it every day and love it!! It get very hot in the summer here so a summery bag might be good.

    I love the chocolate Carly's but all of the sizes have me confused.

    What would you ask for????
  2. I would get a Carly! Ask for the large, if it's too big you can exchange it. I love the large Carly and the cotton is beautiful. I have it in denim but all the cottons are great.
  3. If you really love the Carly but aren't sure about sizes or styles yet, maybe you could get a Mother's Day 'credit' to use when the next releases come out (usually preview in July/Aug, right?)....

    I saw the denim cotton and those are gorgeous. For a summer bag, either that or a chocolate version would be nice? Also, I love the Ergo totes in Camel and white--both very versatile and light summer colors that could go into fall...
  4. At least he made the effort to get you a Coach purse. Thought about what you might need, like. I, on the otherhand, printed out my selections from the web, handed him the freshly inked pages, and said go to Coach, buy these ones, write on card happy mothers day, wife will be happy.

    I told him to get me the black legacy leather wristlet and the new legacy ponytail scarf. I didn't have the guts to ask for a bag since i've bought six since February!

    You've got a good man!!