Hubby got me the whiskey Ali for Christmas----too much whiskey??

  1. Hello all,
    So I am fairly new to coach. For our anniversary in February my husband tracked me down an 06 whiskey shoulder bag with a whiskey french purse. For Mother's Day I got the whiskey hippie. We went on a trip to Disneyland in October and I got the whiskey swigpack. For my next item I was thinking of something in chocolate. I happened to mention to hubby one day that the Legacy 06 was at the outlets and I could not believe what the Ali's where selling for. Well the sweet man went and tracked me down one.
    Don't get me wrong I still love whiskey but now that every bag I own is in whiskey I am feeling the need for a new color.

    The problem is that our kids have Strep throat and then we will be out of town. The outlet is about 3 hours away and we can not get back until mid-January. I would think that they would no longer have the Legacy by then.

    So do I keep the whiskey Ali?????

    What would you do?
  2. OMG!!!!!!! YOU MUST post pics of all your whiskey!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! I'm dying here!!!!!!!
  3. Well, even though that is a lot of the same color, I would definitely keep the Ali since your husband went out of his way to surprise you with the bag - that was very sweet of him, and I hate to hurt their feelings when they up and do something so nice all by themselves!!! Just make sure that any future purchases are another color or maybe add some signature into the mix.
  4. Do you use the other whiskey items you mentioned, such as the shoulder bag or hippie? You could keep the Ali and maybe one other whiskey item and sell the rest to fund a new purchase for a different color. If you use them all then there's nothing wrong with having them all in whiskey. Just stay away from that color from now on when you make new purchases. That was very sweet of him to do for you too!
  5. OMG!!! You totally scored!!! Congrats!!!
  6. yeah he drove the 3hrs to get it for you.. you should keep it.. i felt bad when my bf drove 40mins to the outlet and got me 2 scarves for x mas but i hated the colors so we drove the 40 mins back to return. i ended up picking the scarf he was thinking of getting but didnt hehe =)
  7. Well, my aunt that I don't get along with too well got me a fake scarf. I'm going to only wear it around her because I know she's going to ask about it. I'd keep your bag because he had good intentions in mind. Kind of the same situation, except your stuff is REAL! HAHAHA!
  8. You can NEVER have too much Whiskey [and I don't mean that in the literal sense, either :biggrin:]... I love the color! Congrats!
  9. congrats :tup: For me that is a LOT of whiskey, but if you can't get back to the outlet your only choice really is to sell one of the other bags or just keep it. They are all beautiful bags, but I would mix it up a big. :yes:
  10. I would put all of your whiskey peices in one place and decide which one or 2 you like the best in whiskey. Then I would sell the rest for other colors. Personally I would keep the shoulder bag and the Ali in Whiskey esp since your dh went out of his way. Then I would sell the whiskey swing pack and get a signature stripe one, more versatile and water proof. Then I would get a chocolate carly or hippie if they make them. I heart the Ali and shoulder bag in whiskey but I have the black leather Ali and I really love that bag so if that color is available then I would get that one if your dh doesn't mind. Call and find out and put a charge hold on one, they can hold for 2 weeks on a charge hold. HTH
  11. well if its one lesson I've learned to get me through life, you can never have too much whiskey.

    however i can understand your overload, maybe when you can qualify for marketplaza, you can find a gal to swap with?