Hubby got me Chloé Beata patent tote

  1. He took me by surpise actually!
    He sent me an email this morning with the confirmation of net a porter, and I was totally shocked! He called me and he said "hey, I was helping this guy in the office pick a present for his wife and we bumped into this bag and I got it for you, is Chloe a nice bag???"


    How cool is that??? I even have matching shoes!!!
  2. Very nice! Beautiful bag, congrats on your bag and your husband![​IMG]
  3. Yay! thanks! I expect the bag to be here next Thursday!
  4. I was just about to say, "Can you get the matching shoes? (I SO LOVE THEM)". Then bling, below I see you have them!!

    Such a lucky girl!!!!!!!!! Such a good hubby!!
  5. Thanks, I keep kissing him hahahahaaa! He promised the next surprise will be a pair of Louboutins!
    I can't even imagine hubby and the other guy in the office trying to find bags and shoes on line!!! However I must admit he really has great taste, and it was a smart buy, as I don't have any taupe bags, and I don't like obvious logos. This one is perfect for me.
    And so roomy!!! Perfect for shopping, travel, day wear in the city!!! The more I look at it the more I like it!
  6. Congrats!! He deserves all those kisses!
  7. Wow, what a lovely thoughtful thing to do. And what a lovely surprise. Nice bag too. I love nap, i'm currently waiting for a Chloe Elvire bag. :yahoo:
  8. Oh my goodness - those shoes and that bag are so beautiful! Your husband has terrific taste! I would pass out from shock if my husband ever did anything like that. I had to force him to buy me a Christmas gift this year since I usually buy my own and I'm tired of no surprises. He grudgingly did it and when I unwrapped the MAN slippers (fur lined Uggs moccasins) I almost gagged. Luckily they were two sizes too small. He told me he asked the sales gal (at Neiman Marcus - he did okay store wise...) "Give me the biggest pair ya got!" YOUR husband knew your size and could differentiate between purse designers - WOWOWOW!!! He is wonderful!
  9. Congratulations Lily, both on the fabulous bag and your DH...what a lovely man ( definitely a keeper :yes:!)
  10. Thank you all!

    hubby used to be like yours, but ever since I send him links that prove bags can be an investment, just like guitars (he is an amp and guitar collector himself spending far more money on crazy stuff, than us ladies here), he totally changed his mind and heart and know he is actually having fun browsing nap for deals!!! Only I gave him a list of brands I prefer and I detest, and asked him whenever he wants to buy a thing it has to be either bag, shoes, bracelet!!
  11. ^Gosh - what have you been feeding him Lily? My DH has expensive hobbies centering on his high definition TeeVee obsession (the Geek Squad was out again yet today...) but I would never see him cruising the net for deals for ME! You are one lucky gal!
  12. Lilly....your DH is a collector, there lies the difference. Collectors (seeing I am one) are sick individuals that just LOVE to collect anything. So you did a wise thing to turn his head in your direction and smart girl! you used a key phrase, investment. It's what we sick people use to justify our purchases. Here are a few more:

    One of a kind
    Deal such as this
    Private collection
    Unusual (fill in the blank)
    When will I have another opportunity?
  13. ^ Yep you are right! I never had a problem with his 'lil obsessions, I actually encourage him and tell him my honest opinion when he wants to purchase a guitar or amp! I just made him realize we are not all that different!

    Hey! did you wire our phones??? Bug my apt?:whistle:

    Lately I 'm suggesting him to the tortures of a strict macrobiotic diet...Poor thing Lol!!!!

    How much longer for the bag to arrive??? I can't wait till Thursday! Support me on this long wait...
  14. Congrats on your new gift!! I have got this one in black, you won't be disappointed, well made and nice leather. It's a bit heavy though but all chloe bags are quite heavy.
  15. Kary nice to hear we have the same tote! So the bag is nice huh?
    A few questions if you don't mind! Do you use it often? Is it hard to hold on to, on long day out, as you mention it is heavy? Patent is not too hard to maintain, but is this one easy to get scratches? Do you find it necessary to buy a special treatment silicon liquid to rub on???