Hubby Gave In!!

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  1. After lots and lots of begging, he finally let me at least LOOK at my new white MC Speedy! I'm still not allowed to carry it until my birthday next week but I was allowed to take some pics of it :love:


  2. Very pretty :love: Congrats!
  3. YAY!!! Lots of pink LVs on it too!!!:love: SO CUTE!!!
  4. Love it! Good luck on the waiting part!
  5. Gorgeous, congrats!!!!
  6. Congrats! Happy Birthday, Have a magical day :smile:
  7. OOOh soo pretty. I'm jealous. I wish it was birthday too...:P
  8. Congrats!!!
  9. Thank you everyone! I can't wait until I can actually take her out :nuts:
  10. Congrats!! Absolutely gorgeous!!
  11. :nuts:Stunning, Congrat's.

  12. oooo yipee!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Pretty!!! I love the pinks! Just one week to go, hang in there!
  14. Wow, what a generous husband you have. It's lovely.

  15. So pretty! :love: Yes, only one more week! :sweatdrop: When you get her for your bday please post modelling pics!