hubby doesn't get hint on bracelet gift


Nov 25, 2007
I hope I don't come off as sounding ungracious or unappreciative. My husband is wonderful and an amazing dad too. But I know I'm acting childish because I've been pouting since Sunday that he hasn't and doesn't seem to want to purchase me a Pandora bracelet. We bought an absolutely beautiful one with 3 gorgeous charms for his mom last Sunday night. I could not make it any more clear how much I'd like one too. I hate to admit it but I'm a little jealous especially since i wanted one for 18 months. i could very easily go to our local Pandora store which is only 5 minutes away. But it takes away the meaning and sentiment if I buy it for myself. Maybe I'll wait another 18 months cause i know he isn't getting it for me this holiday. He says that I have too many jewelry items that I don't wear. Anyone else have such experience?


Oct 12, 2011
I'm not married so I can't share similar experiences! What I know for sure is that men aren't very interested in this stuff. What you can do is tell him that jewlery are never enough for a woman and you'd really like to have a bracelet like this one.

I totally get the jealousy part on your behalf!!! I would be jealous too! What can I say... men and their mums!!! :P:P:P


Nov 25, 2007
It was my idea to buy the Pandora for his mom. It was my idea to actually take her to the store so she can pick out what she liked. I'm happy that she loves it so much! I'm not giving up just yet. Still hoping for Valentines Day!


Nov 12, 2011
maybe you could get the bracelet yourself, and when he sees you wearing all the time, he will start to give you beads? or stop to hint and just ask, is what i do with DF

I bought myself a pandora bracelet, and he will be helping me to add to it whenever possible


May 24, 2009
Left Coast, USA
I would wait till after Christmas (he might be very cagey and that's your Christmas Present. Maybe he's really good at playing it cool?) and if one wasn't under the tree, buy myself a bracelet when they go on sale. Then just tell everyone to get you beads as you are building a braclet. Get a lot of brochures on the beads and hand them out to everyone in your family. The Lord helps those who help themselves, you know?
Oct 6, 2007
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I'm not married so my advice might be useless, but I have learned with BF's that most of them do not get subtle hints including my dad with my mom! most men need to hear "honey I want this" not something hinty and wishywashy they don't listen to us LOL

but I agree- wait till after christmas, maybe he's trying to be sneaky :biggrin:


Sep 11, 2010
Another vote that your husband may be trying to surprise you. But if that's not the case, then after Christmas I'd go out and buy one for myself.


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Jan 9, 2011
I think he may be getting it for you, but trying to surprise you. He sounds just like many men I know that do that. They'll drive you crazy, pretending to be obtuse about it!


Mar 23, 2009
I agree with everyone. He might be trying to play it cool and surprise you on Christmas. If he doesn't, then just tell him that you would like the pandora bracelet for Valentines. My DH has told me in the past that if I want something specific, then I need to tell him instead of giving subtle hints because he can't pick up on them, so now I just tell him what I want :smile:.


Nov 25, 2007
I almost bought the new style Pandora today that is strands of bracelet and takes one clip only. That way, if my husband eventually gets me the original, I can wear the 2 side by side. But the store only had the 7.5 size which was way too big. The next smaller one is a 6.7 which they did not have. I'm fine in the original in a 7.1. Maybe it is just not meant to be..... I called another Pandora store and they said they have the new strand one in all the sizes. I have the cash and might go over tomorrow. The strand one is $115 and the rose zirconia clip is $95. Still a lot of money. I don't know what to do.


Nov 9, 2009
I think you'll feel better if you buy yourself a little treat. It takes the pressure off what he gives you. Then this can be a learning experience and you won't get upset. If he gives you the bracelet then you'll know he knows how to take a hint and all is good for the future. If he doesn't give you one you'll know you have to bite the bullet and ask directly for what you want. I wouldn't show him what you buy though. He might get confused and think that was the one you wanted and return what he bought.


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Oct 30, 2008
the Best Coast
I agree with Jujuma - it seems like you really want something Pandora, and you probably won't rest easy until you get it! I am the same way, when I become obsessed with something, I can't focus on anything else but that piece. I think you'll feel much better once you do get it, and I don't think there's anything wrong with pampering yourself and giving yourself something nice once in a while ;)