Hubby Came Through.....My Birthday Bag *PICS*


May 7, 2006
31 many of you might remember me saying I know hubby bought me a Balenciaga because I saw the white box! Well, yup he came through! Inside the box was the most beautiful Balenciaga!!! He said he bought this one because it was the first thing on my list so I must've wanted it badly LOL He is kind of right....I got so caught in buying all the beautiful colors that the thought of spending some of my money on a boring neutral bag never crossed my mind. But EGAWDS what was I waiting for??? This is seriously, hands down, the best Bbag I have (and I have a bunch of '05s)!

May I present my beautiful black 2007 city!!!! Perfect leather, with just a teeny bit of distressing....picked out by someone at BalNY whom my husband said was very helpful and friendly :nuts:

I took pics with the cute Juicy charm my RAOK buddy got me...with her beautiful flowers as the background..

The kitties are very curious...

Mr. Cheese (well his full name is Sir Chester Cheesy Poof) wants a piece of the tassle...

Some close up shots...



Nov 14, 2006
Twiggs i am so happy your hubby is cooperating ! ;) Happy birthday girl you deserve a nice day on the sofa, with all your balenciagas around you, munching on chocolates and feeling like a million bucks! :flowers:


Jul 2, 2006
Kingston, UK
I remember your last thread! it's gorgeous, you're incredibly lucky, top of my wishlist is a black city with tdf leather.

So what did you do about the other Balenciaga bag you wanted, i think was it an Apple Green Twiggy but i could be wrong?