hubby called me an addict

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  1. We were watching couples retreat, and one of the girls had a cranberry I beleive Sabrina..and i yelled it out..and he looked at me and said..thats disgusting
  2. I don't think it's any different than my DH being able to roll off the make, model and year of a car.
  3. what if I can do both? :sweatdrop: am I doubly in trouble? :smile: don't worry Burr, we got your back here!
  4. LOL... I can do both as well.... LOL... Rattle off the name of the Coach bag... and rattle off the year, make, model of most cars... LOL...
  5. I think that was a cruel thing for him to say :sad: Was he being sarcastic or serious? I agree with the other posters, I'd assume he has something he's passionate enough about to know the details about. Purses are my bass fishing, fantasy football, and hot cars rolled into one, and then some :biggrin: Enjoy your hobbies, all of them, including Coach!:smile:
  6. I love spotting a Coach on TV. I did that one day while watching Cake Boss. A customer had a black Sabrina.
  7. Being a Coach addict isn't a Bad thing...There are worse things you could be called.....You are not any different from other Coachie's....Tell Hubby to check out some of the other member's Collections...Then see what he says,lol!!!!Enjoy your love for Coach, I do and I Don't care what Anyone says.....
  8. I watch the Little Couple on Tuesday nights...Jen has alot of different Coach bags....She is the Only one that I have seen yet that can wear a top handle pouch over their shoulder.....:P
  9. Bahaha, I am the SAME way. :biggrin:
  10. Really? That's how I thought you were supposed to wear them? I always wore my Zoe pouch over my shoulder. :smile:
  11. The straps are smaller on the top handle pouches...I would just think it'd be a tight squeeze...
  12. He was being sarcastic. I like seeing them on TV as well, its exciting
  13. I saw Couple's Retreat in theaters and everytime I pointed out a Coach bag (I think there were 2 or 3), BF just rolled his eyes.
  14. That's right! I mentioned to my husabnd the other day that Jen has a lot of Coach bags. I love her pink one.
  15. I think it's awesome that you know the styles so well! If you hung out with me, we'd have a fine time shouting out the names of bags we recognized. :biggrin: I think it shows a dedication to your hobby, and there's nothing wrong with that!

    When I saw an inlaid peyton out and about recently, I told my DH all about it (boutique only, hard to obtain, possibly sold out and no longer able to order). It's normal to share your interests with your SO! Just my opinion.