Hubby bought my a new purse!!!

  1. :yahoo: I'm so excited.:yahoo:
    Hubby knows my favorite color is purple so this is what he bought me.
    Purple and brown Coach.JPG
  2. It's beautiful! What a thoughtful and sweet hubby! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. Very cute!! I love it... hey, can I give your hubby my hubby's contact info for pointers?? :graucho: LOL... nevermind, he'd probably be too focused on work to write anything down...
  4. Aww that's so awesome of him! What a good DH!
  5. Aw, very sweet! :smile:

    Question: What does "DH" mean? It's used alot on here but I'm curious, I haven't figured out it's exact translation yet. *L*
  6. DH - Dear Husband :smile:
  7. Ohhh, thank you! *LOL* Makes sense now.
  8. Cute bag & what a sweet hubby you have!!
  9. ^^Thanks....I was wondering that too!!

    And cute bag krazylisa!!
  10. the color combo is gorgeous!! congrats!
  11. I love the purple! Congrats!!
  12. Very cute! Congrats!
  13. That's so sweet!
  14. I LOVE it! Great colors!:heart:

    Congrats on the bag and the super hubby!:yes:
  15. Nice! Congrats!