Hubby at the mall (UGH)

  1. I swear my husband can not go shopping for one item without getting things he does not need. He took our son to buy specific clothing for a trip (did great). Then horror of horrors :nuts: he meets up with the sea salt scrub lady that is selling that crap in all the malls. I know it has been posted on the forum about the sea he actually buys a set for $30.00.....:tdown: She gives him this line about how it is half price blah blah blah....he tries it and admits his hands are so smooth. Well yeah, baby oil will do that. I bet it is the same crap you can get at the dollar store.
    Why are men so stupid with things like this??????:wlae:
  2. Your husband is a rare breed. Most guys absolutely loathe shopping. And when they're dragged out to the store, it's usually very efficient.

    A comedian once compared men and women's attitudes to shopping this way: Men are the hunters. They go after a particular thing, make a quick kill and leave.

    Women are the gatherers. They browse around before finally deciding on something.
  3. Hey, we have a sea salt lady at the mall near my house too!
    Men will be men, I guess.
  4. Can you return the sea salt junk? Those sea salt ladies are aggressive - in las vegas they practically pulled me over to their cart!
  5. Because the seller was a cute and or nice woman?;)
  6. I never thought they could talk a man into buying that! They can't talk ME into it, and I'm a huge scrub/cream/lotion junkie.
  7. My DH is too cheap...he'd never come home with stuff like that! Just think...some day he'll come home with a great present for you!
  8. HaHa I know what you mean Gilliana. He wouldn't get sea salt... it's not usually junk like that. Just goes overboard with the shopping. Especially if I send him to the grocery store... I don't think he comprehends that you can't stock up on perishable stuff, because well... it goes bad too quickly! But he always buys stuff that he doesn't need or won't use. But I don't complain because he never says a word about my shopping excursions :smile:
  9. Actually this past year he has been hooked on natural products due to his sensitive skin. His doctor told him to use organic products. He gets a reaction to so many things. He can't use fragrance in his stuff so it is kind of hard to find what will work. He thinks nothing of spending big money on organic creams, shampoo and conditioner. I don't mind--but my son said the stuff worked and I think my husband is one of those people who try to be polite and just thought he would buy the stuff. Thank god I trained him never to buy me perfume....those perfume ladies don't give up..... I just thought this was too funny. My husband loves to shop more than I do.
  10. I'm ashamed to admit I got suckered by the sea salt guy in Las Vegas. Gotta give the guy credit though as he was a great salesman.

    I have got to learn to say "NO".

    *hangs head in shame*
  11. LMAO - I'm assuming it was a kiosk? Those kiosk vendors are seriously aggressive... they kind of scare me.

  12. I agree!
  13. i'm an SA for a living, so i'm usually friendly to people that are selling things no matter what - with the EXCEPTION of those people at the carts in the mall. i swear to god, i'm going to have to body slam one of them one of these days. i could see how a man could get seriously roped in by those people, though, especially if he's not a regular at the mall. they're like vultures.
  14. I guess people like your husband have to balance out the ugliness people like me spew at the evil mall kiosks sales Nazis. I'm normally a very nice person, but not to them.
  15. Some of those Sea salt ladies are really nice looking and personable.... I used to be in Corporate sales and I tell you men are the easiest to sell to....Women ugh!! Cautious and more direct at what products they want....