Hubbies and purses...who would have ever thought :)


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Mar 2, 2006
Well I am just wondering if I am the only one who has this going on, but my husband really has an opinion on what bag I carry, and what I wear and stuff. Don't get me wrong I wear my own style (which trust me he does not dig sometimes :suspiciou) but he just gives me a look :blink:...LOL!!! Unless he really hates it which then I end up using that outfits when he is at work and stuff. (Or he tries to bribe me with something nicer...)
He is a really sweet guy...let me put it this way; after we got married I got sick and gained a ton of weight...I mean I went from a size 6 to a size 24:wacko: :wacko: :wacko: !!!!! He never cared, said anything or treated me diffrent the romance was still alive ;) :nuts: :love: . 1 1/2 years latter I am down to a size 14 and he is so supportive and loveing...anyways I got off topic but he has always been like that.

The good thing is that whenever he buys me stuff they are always things that I myself would not spend that much on or if we exchange something we end up getting something better, but I've never had a guy care about stuff like that.
Anyways I was just wondering how your hubbies are???

Share your thoughts...By the way here are some pics of my "kids"...


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The guy that should be my husband always has a really strong opinion on my bags and which bags I should buy. I usually don't go to buy a bag or ANYTHING without him near me. Its crazy that we're not together, but I suppose thats life :lol:
OMG! I could just eat your doggies up they are sooo adorable!

p.s. yes, my husband does make comments when the bags come in, but only critiques my outfit, not what bag I choose to wear with it.
Your "kids" are so cute! :love: I love dogs, but my place is too tiny for a dog. My two "kids" are my cats, Buddy & Annabelle...I don't have a hubby yet, but I would definitely ask his opinion on any of my bag purchases. My Ex-BF used to give his 2 cents worth on anything I bought - but he had pretty good taste, too. When he was in NY long ago visiting a friend of his, he brought back my first LV bag - (the Saint Cloud.) It's quite small so only a small wallet & keys will fit, and the opening is small so it's hard to reach in and grab anything but I love the bag - it's so cute! I think it's great when our significant other has opinions on our handbags. It shows they care! I would definitely want my future hubby (wherever he is!:biggrin: ) to have an opinion on my handbags..
Adorable chillens!

My hubby has no say and doesn't want one. He's an engineer, so not really into fashion and decorating, etc. He gets really excited by math! LOL
Greenie said:
Adorable chillens!

My hubby has no say and doesn't want one. He's an engineer, so not really into fashion and decorating, etc. He gets really excited by math! LOL

My husband is a computer engineer! Once in while he'll make a comment on how beautiful I look :love: but, otherwise no interest in fact I do his clothes shopping for him.
Your children are so CUTE! :love: :love: :love:

My bf will say if he doesn't like a bag or something else I buy, but I wear it anyway. It's my money :P He does have good taste, though, and usually picks out great gifts :biggrin:
OMG your dogs!!!! They look so cute! :love:
First of all congrats on the weight loss, way to go.
My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for being obsessed about bags, but I love it when he sees a new one and says stuff to justify my purchase "yes, it looks very practical, it can hold a lot of stuff... it's very functional..." it's so cute and it makes me feel good too :love: