Hubba Hubba!

  1. Made another trek to NM this weekend to check out the fresh arrivals of Chloe purses.

    A few weeks ago I made fun of the Heloise purse on this forum, this was based on the NM webpage. I was wrong, the small Vermillion Helosie is definitely gorgeous. A worthy contendor for me but only on sale.

    NOW the capsule Paddington in Mastic had my jaw drop wide open (who would guess???). The leather was edged in gold taupe. So mixing that with the gold chain and lock made everything just pop. An absolutely fabulous purse, worthy to see IRL.

    I wish I didn't own a mastic Edith because this purse grabbed me by the throat.

    Has anyone else seen this particular model? Thoughts?
  2. I am in love with the capsule paddy. I love it in the dark brown with silver chain but just saw it in taupe with a silver chain and it is equally as beautiful.
  3. Love the vermillion-- the color is fantastic. I saw the collection yesterday at NM, beautiful. I need to stay away from the store, these bags are too tempting.