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  1. Has anyone checked out the main site lately? They updated the website and what got me was the Hello Kitty collaboration!!! They have a picture up of a necklace and I can just see how much money i'll be throwing to them!
  2. ooo *goes to check it now*
  3. I was there a couple of days ago as i want a couple of uchiwas but i dont seem to be able to register on their site as there is no option for UK aarghh.
  4. The necklace is very cute:tup:.I wish they had a larger range of posters too.
  5. So Jamie was wearing the new necklace huh... oh yeah we were talking about teh hello kitty collaboration in another thread and also on LJ... there've been 2 pics that ppl found that had the necklace in it!
  6. very cute necklace! Hello Kitty and Tokidoki def. make a good collaboration! Maybe they'll make a Hello Kitty dressed like Mozarella ... or stick Pochacco in a Bastardino costume .. haha
  7. Ew, Hello Kitty lol..........nah HK Is OK...I still say it's a lil too cute for me. So I guess I won't be buying too much from that collaboration..good for my wallet :biggrin:

    The new site layout is nice though :biggrin:
  8. !!!!that wasn't there yesterday!! hehe awesome.
  9. Nuts, I'm not crazy for the kitty.

    My husband: "you called me over here just to see one thing?"
  10. ok, it's cute, but am I the only one who was expecting something more creative than the tokidoki logo on hello kitty's hair?!!!!

    I hope the other stuff is different.
  11. omg im gonna be sooooooooo broke! that necklace is adorable...

    i decided im getting a vanity plate on my car after i renew my registration for the year thats gonna say HELLOKTY - just to show my undying love for HK - but my bf isnt too happy about it, cuz he drives my car sometimes, and hes afraid ppl are gonna think that theres something wrong with him! lol! (I wanted TOKIDOKI, but someone already has it - and I tried variations using 0s and 1s instead of Os and Is... no luck!)