1. Hi Ladies,

    Do any of you ladies have a coupon for her site. I tried to do a search online, but I can't find one. I know it does offer discounts because at checkout it has the "apply coupon" button. Any help would greatly be appreciated :yahoo:
  2. ^^^ I saw that too, but I needed a coupon for the acutal paige denim site..thanks for trying though, you are sweet. I wanted to buy items from her PETITE line, which is very scarce
  3. the official sites of designers rarely have coupons, most of them have that blank in case they issue a coupon on a case-by-case basis. for example, if they screwed up someone's order, they might give them a one-use code for free shipping on their next order as an apology.
  4. ^ oh i see..thanks so much for your help!
  5. there's a few paige petite styles on there's a bunch of code floating around for that site.