- looks very familiar to fashionphile?

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  1. Is this too good to be true?
  2. It may be the real deal...but it looks too good to be true.. and we all know

    what they means in the long run....
  3. Louis Vuitton is never sold on third party sites. This site sells fakes.
  4. LVs at those prices? Highly doubt it
  5. Fake! The site is also based out of China, so good luck getting your money back if you've been scammed. The hilarious thing about this site is that they sell (fake) LV, and there is an article on their blog that says that LV isn't sold at a discount anywhere and discount LV is fake. :roflmfao: Did they even read the articles before posting them to the blog?
  6. Hey, thank you all for the "head's up". Just to clarify, this is not our site- although a lot of the code obviously is :sad:

    We'll try to do something about it- but we've had little luck getting International companies to move on stuff like this (unauthorized use of name, images, etc).

    Sorry for the confusion, but thanks again!