1. I am having problems logging on to this website. Anyone else having issues?

    I want to see their Balenciaga stock?

    thanks:tender: :flowers: :tender:
  2. i've been having the same problem too.
    thanks amour for the update :P

  3. thanks...amourN20 - you are a sweetie.:girlsigh:
  4. Is that box fuschia or is that Magenta?
  5. Its the magenta from Fall '05...yummy :graucho:
  6. ohhh.....the magenta is so cute.....
  7. bal-blu-clutch.jpg
  8. ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, wait a minute, i think i just found it on ateliernaff, but it's called the "pochette" (& costs $695 :Push:smile:...does anybody have one of these & can tell me what it's used for, etc. (?)
  9. I was wondering why I couldn't get on the site lol I didn't know it had changed.:smile:
  10. I have that exact clutch and use it all the time for evening events. I normally carry very large bags during the day, but prefer to carry clutches that I can put in my lap and cover with a napkin while dining out. It's the perfect size.
  11. Does anyone know if cricket is now better at updating the stuff on their website? I know some PFers have mentioned that they dont update their website regularly.
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