Charms Tote

  1. yaaaaaaaaaay .. im not a tote person but this one is veeeeeeery cuute one :smile: + classy
  2. I don't have it, but I think it is cute. :yes:
  3. Yay! I was thinking of getting the same exact bag. It's looks cute and even better in person.
  4. yay. I have this one in the hobo and I love it. I like the 'D' that dangles from it. =)
  5. Yay ! I love it, but it's smaller in person than in the photo, I think.
  6. I dont have it (yet :graucho:), but I love it!!
  7. Go for it. Amazing bag.
  8. Love this bag. This is the purse i'm planning to get soon.
  9. i have this bag in blue! :yes:
  10. very cute!!
  11. Gorgeous - wouldn't mind one of these!
  12. I have the boston bag in black leather. I love it.
  13. Yay.
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