HSG Test

  1. aww glistenpearls, i'm sorry :sad: have they done any other tests? semen analysis, ovulation, etc? :hugs:
    i know how frustrating it is to not get pregnant :sad:
  2. ^^ yeah they did. i'm just tired you know..going back and forth to the doctor or labs. we've been married for almost 3 years, but we've been ttc since sept 07. it will be 2 years next month. i seriously think the extra stress of seeing the doctors does affecting my inability to have baby. also not knowing why i cannot get pregnant just...stress me out.

    i did ovulation test and the blood test, it was fine. DH's sperm count is fine too.
    my hsg, fine except my left tube, they said it's sluggish, but no apparent problem. however they did say i have a high risk on having tubal pregnancy, but really.. i cant even get pregnant at this point so I dont even want to worry about a potential risk as yet.

    i'm due for ultrasound next month...:shrugs:

    good luck with your test! sorry for whining..
  3. I understand your frustration glistenpearls. And you are not whining. It's beyond frustrating to have to go through all of those tests. After three years of trying, numerous blood tests, semen analysis and an HSG test we found out that my husband has a low count and low motility. I just feel so defeated some days. It seems so easy for other women to get pregnant, yet some of us struggle so much. One of the most difficult things is that I don't know anyone who has gone through this. I talk to my mom and sisters (who collectively have 5 healthy kids) and they don't seem to understand my anger and sadness. My husband is a very good listener and every time I cry he reassures me that everything will be ok but I just wish I knew another woman who understands.

    I hope your ultrasounds goes well and you get some answers.
  4. You are just like me. It's already hard enough that my family is far from me, but by now I've had it with the questions from left, right, top and center re: Why are you not pregnant yet? Have you been to the doctors? Is there anything wrong with you? plus "You are not young anymore, you know.." statement. My DH is very supportive, but of course both of us are disapointed and tired, who wouldnt?

    At this point, I rather being diagnosed with "something", rather than keep guessing and do all these tests. At least if you know what's wrong with you, you can "try" to find the solution, but mine is just big question mark.

    I really hope I dont have to wait for much longer, it's getting annoying and effecting me mentally. Thanks for your best wishes, I also hope the ultrasound can tell me something. I wish you all the very best too, Mrs. Clark. If you are down, and need to talk just PM me.
  5. Best of luck to everyone
  6. GP, you aren't whining :nogood: it's SOOOO frustrating to not be able to get pregnant - i mean, that's what our bodies are built for right? so i hear ya, understand, and encourage you to vent to us - we know how you feel and can support each other :hugs:

    mrs clark, hugs to you too :heart: people who don't have fertility issues can't really understand how lucky they are to get pregnant quickly, without help, and without problems. :hugs:
  7. ^^ yep and without the extra cost!
  8. hi.handbag-ho!
    My insurance is also UnitedHealthCare, but my OB told me the insurance can not cover the HAG, how could you do it!
  9. I am sorry, HSG
  10. omico - there are HUGE variations between different employers offering the same health plan. It's really your employer that decides which coverage levels to offer, etc. So two people with UHC who work at two different places can have radically different coverage. In general, though, if your doctor can code things as being for a specific purpose or for diagnosis of a non-IF issue, such as abdominal pain or irregular periods, that gives you a better chance of a procedure being covered.
  11. Thank you, kimberf!
  12. This thread is so useful! I'm about to have an HSG and just hoping it doesn't show anything awful
  13. :bump:

    I am going to have a bunch of tests next month CD3, CD21, HSG and Dh will have a semen analysis.

    No fertility insurance coverage so I am hoping someone else has been in this position or knows someone who has and can give some insight to the cost of an HSG test. My doctor tried to order to test for a non fertility related issue hoping to get me some coverage but I am not holding my breathe.
  14. Good luck Coutureinalt! I just had all those test done in June and I had a saline ultrasound. You might also have your progestone checked.. Hopefully your Doctor can get that approval on the HSG. I've heard that some women go on to successful pregnancy once they get a HSG done... Fingers crossed...
  15. I was super worried for weeks before my test... I finally had it done on Wednesday, I didn't feel a thing, hopefully everything now will work for me now. SO as the nurse told me "everyone is different you never know how you will react until you have the test".