HSG Test

  1. ^:yes:
    Answers are GREAT! Even if it's not news you're expecting, sometimes just KNOWING means all the difference.
    You'll be great - it'll clear out those cobwebs! ;)
  2. I chickened out... I canceled my HSG test. I'm going to wait a little longer. $700 is alot to spend on a test right now.
  3. Tabbyco,

    It is ok to "chicken" out. Maybe it will be some good news this month.
  4. Im having this test next week! HELP!

    The doctor's office (radiology ofc actually) told me to do a warm water enema the day of the test..

    Arghhh....what the heck....Ive never done an enema...can somebody talk me through it? Like what do I need for this "warm water enema"???

  5. hmmm, they inserted a metal down in your vajayjay??? now i'm SCARED :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  6. I got some instructions for the test before I canceled and they didn't say anything about a warm water enema... sorry I can't help.
  7. tabby,

    what are your instructions if you dont mind me asking?
  8. The only istruction I was given was schedule the test between day 7-10 of my cycle. Take a pain medication prior to the test (Motrin was suggessted). Have someone available to take you home.

    That's it....
  9. tnx ;)
  10. Not chickening out this time!! HSG on Friday.

    Directions from doc: take antibotic 24 hours before procedure and 800 mg of ibprofen 1 hour prior to procedure.

    I have had 4 friends get pregnant the month after they had an HSG... hopefully I am the 5th!! :woohoo:
  11. How did it go?
  12. Tabbyco,

    Good Luck! Let us know how it goes.

    VT Pooh
  13. Good Luck! Definitely don't forget the Motrin!
  14. Good Luck Tabby :flowers:
    how long do you have to wait until you do a HSG test?
  15. We must have very different United Healthcare plans! Mine covers nothing fertility related plus my deductable is $3000 and after I meet that, I still have to pay 10% of everything. Probably the worst insurance I've ever had :sad: