HSG Test

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  1. hi! :heart:

    to those who have done the HSG test (Hysterosalpingogram)/ Dye test...how was it? Ive red that you should do it 7-10(?) days after your period and you have to present a (-)pregnancy report either a urine or blood test not just the over the counter pregancy test.
    My OB suggested it too but kinda hesitant about it yet...

    Tabby - i have the same situation as you are, we have been "trying" since middle of this year but we actually decided since january of this year (you know, no timing,no OPK's, heck i dont even know about "fertile days"!! lol)
    We just BD like once a week..we thought it would that be easy...harharhar
  2. I moved your post, we really need to get away from dragging out that very long thread and starting new ones so they get more exposure:yes:

    I did the hysterosalpingogram and it wasn't too bad.
    I didn't have to present a test or anything, that may be specific to that office, I'm sure they took my OB's word for it.
    It was a little uncomfortable, but not bad.
    I wouldn't be hesitant about it, compared to other procedures, it's nothing.
    Plus it's all some of us need, it helps to clear the 'cobwebs' :biggrin:
  3. thanks swanky! yey my first thread :heart:

    ok, will reconsider! :smile: thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for starting this thread. I’m considering this too but am apprehensive. It’s actually an x-ray process (to view the dye moving through the uterus/tubes etc) which is why a person undergoing it cannot be pregnant. I understand it might be uncomfortable and was told the dye can cause some irritation/pain but all depends on individuals (and their reaction to it). I suppose considering all things, it’s the least of the procedures, in terms of invasiveness, time and cost. I was quoted S$200 (~US$130) – is it the same elsewhere? Anyone else who’s gone/going through this?
  5. I wasn't questioning if you could be pregnant or not, just bringing proof. I was just surprised that you have to prove it as opposed to your OB confirming it for you.
    It was uncomfortable, but not in a bad or severe way.
  6. My insurance will cover the cost of an HSG, but I'm a little hesitant since my tubes was declared fine two years ago when I had the m/c. And I've an IUI in May, my Dr did not mention anything wrong w/ them either.
  7. I am going to Dr. tomorrow to find out more about this test. Maybe having it sooner than later. Like Swanky said... heard it is uncomfortable, but necessary.
  8. I had the test done and it was uncomfortable for me with some mild to moderate cramping afterwards and that night and next day. Radiologist doing exam excellent, explained everything and gentle. shouldh've taken at least tylenol an hour before going. I had the test done after trying for six months. We wanted to rule out any functional problem. I already knew I had a fibroid (myoma) which turned out to be small and superficial but some can grow into the uterine cavity impeding a pregnancy. So, it's good for us to know now that's not why we're not getting pregnant.
  9. I got pregnant the next month after my HSG Test :biggrin:
    Even if you know your tubes are open, it's still proven to help conception my OB said, she was right in my case.
  10. I had it done in MArch- no biggy, just take the whole day off, sleep it off when you get home. A friend gave me a valium, I took half. It cramps real bad during the procedure but it does not last long. A lot of people get pregnant after it.. not me though. :sad:
  11. I had this done and had NO cramping or pain during the procedure...maybe a brief feeling of pressure or fullness in my abdomen, but that was it. I went into it fully expecting all-out cramps and discomfort, but it was totally fine. I didn't even take Advil or Tylenol. I had no cramping afterwards, either. Overall, it felt like a slightly longer Pap smear.

    I ended up getting PG later (I have 2 kids now) but only after some help from my fertility specialist.
  12. I had this done and it wasn't uncomfortable at all. No cramping or pain during or after the procedure. I got pregnant right after I had this done.
  13. After Dr. apt, she said she would set me up for one right away, but it will cost about $500-$600, out of pocket.

    Did your insurance cover yours? If not, how much did it cost..

    I think I will have it done after the holidays.
  14. My insurance paid for it in full. I had United Healthcare which is probably the best insurance out there IMO.
  15. Yikes!!! $500, shew that's alot.