HS Reunion - need biz card case

  1. I have my HS reunion on Saturday and it occurred to me that I need something fancy for my business cards. Recommendations?
  2. I like this one:;)
    img10614197313.jpg img10614197367.jpg
  3. That's cool. Any idea what it's called?
  4. ^ ENVELOPPE CARTES DE VISITE in Damier Azur:yes:
  5. ^^^ Love that card case!!! Any idea on the retail price?
  6. Regular mono is $180, per eluxury so this has to be about the same. Whaddaya think, John 5? Does it say: "I'm a successful lawyer with good taste?"
  7. ^^^^ It definitely does!!!! I would either get it in Damier Azur or Epi. :drool:
  8. Thanks, buddy. If we don't pass each other on the forum, have a terrific 21st birthday.