HPV found under men's fingernails

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  1. Research Suggests HPV Not Just Sexually-Transmitted

    8/3/2007- Conservative lobbying efforts against the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine may be undermined by recent a University of Wisconsin study suggesting that sex is not the only way to contract HPV. Laura Koutsky and colleagues have detected HPV under the fingernails of young men, according to a Seattle-Post Intelligencer report, meaning that HPV may not be exclusively transmitted through sexual activity.

    HPV is already a significant problem among women. Eighty percent will acquire the cervical-cancer causing virus by the age of 50, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Many still oppose the distribution of HPV vaccines, however. They argue that young girls are more likely to engage in sexual activity if they are immunized against HPV. Such arguments will hold less water if HPV is proven to have routes of transmission other than sexual activity.
    "Basically, it's not just about sex," said Koutsky. "You have to know how people get [HPV] in order to prevent it." Koutsky told the Seattle-Post Intelligencer that while there is no evidence that HPV can be passed through a handshake, her findings might explain why HPV can be found among young girls who have not engaged in sexual activity.

    wow. it's seems to always be something new with HPV.
    this is so scary.
  2. this is not good :sad:.
  3. scary is right. .......
  4. OMG.. that's scary.

    I really hope the vaccine becomes significant in the near future.
  5. :wtf:

    why did i read this?! now i'm gonna make SO wash his hands each time like a doctor about to do surgery!
  6. hmmm so you can actually get vaccinated against it then?
  7. My doctor told me about being able to get HPV from fingernails and suggests every patient he sees under the age of 26 to receive the vaccine. He even suggests married women get it as well because you "never know" what may happen in the future (divorce, an affair, etc.) He told me, "You may have relationships after this one so you want to prepare yourself now before it's too late." My insurance covered it and I got my first shot a couple weeks ago :smile: And man... did it sting!
  8. Thank you! Does anyone know why it says 'girls from ages 9-26' Does it matter if I'm 29?
  9. [SIZE=-1]It has not yet been tested for safety and effectiveness in women over 26 and insurance will most likely not cover it.[/SIZE]
  10. Oh great... most guys are iffy about washing their hands, which is pretty scary.
  11. Moral of the story: Boys are yucky. Lol.
  12. wow! That is really scary. If my doctor offered me the vaccine, i think I would take it.
  13. 80%?! Omg!
  14. Maybe these guys just need to wash their damn hands after they "do something."