Tech HP Envy X360 Cooling Fan

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  1. Hi guys!
    So I'm hoping to hear from any HP laptop owners on how this was dealt with by you/ the place you got it from/ HP

    I got this laptop 10 months ago, and just last month I had a cooling fan problem. It got hot one night and I figured I was overworking it, so I turned it off. Nothing since.. Until last night :doh:
    First, it started giving me the cooling fan error message right before starting up. Then it wouldn't recognize any WiFi all of a sudden. My brother builds his own computers, so he looked it over. He ran programs and refreshed my laptop, which is how he found out about the failing fan. The laptop has 2 fans, one of them is running at full capacity, while the other is barely running :sad: I called BestBuy and they told me that since I have no insurance through them, it would cost $150 for the service alone, plus whatever the new fan costs. Right :rolleyes: They also told me that since it's still under HP warranty, I should send it in through them (BestBuy). I wanna save all of my files before I do this. Luckily, since it's kinda new, I don't have that much in it. I'm a bit upset that this already happened when I haven't had it for that long.. But I guess with hardware you never know :hrmm:

    Any thoughts/ suggestions/ advice would be appreciated.

    :heart: Thanks!!
  2. Since it is still under warranty, I would get it fixed through HP. Unfortunately it will probably be gone for a while leaving you with no laptop but maybe you have a tablet/ipad that can fill in for that time? Or a laptop from work? Not that this will fix anything but have any issues been reported that you can read about online? Do you have an independent computer store around you that could give you an estimate?

    I have a Toshiba laptop (3 yrs old, I think) and it got very bad battery reviews but I bought it anyway (it was cheap) and yep, the battery started to die within a year. The Toshiba CS (which were pretty miserable people) said they would send me a new battery for about $150 and when I sent back the old battery they would refund my money. This was after me having to convince them the laptop was still under warranty. So I did not do this and found the same exact battery on Amazon for like $30 (!!) and it has worked better than the original.

    I know this is not the same as your hardware problem but I know what you are going through. So frustrating to pay for stuff and it fails to perform.